Thursday, November 19, 2009

Yesterday a 2.5hour base ride was on the schedule...thankfully the weather in Calgary is still decent, I want to limit my indoor trainer time as much as I can, so I suited up and headed South! I rode from the house to Fish Creek Provincial Park on my cross bike (=road bike with wider tires so you can take it off pavement) to play on the trails down there.

My cross bike is my old commuter bike and is named Jake. That's the name he came with, I didn't give him his name, kind of like a rescue puppy, he already had a name when I picked him out. It's been well used year round, so it's a bit rusty from being left covered in snow, outfitted with full fenders, a pannier carrier, a rear studded tire (for riding on ice & snow), a bell (mandatory on Calgary pathways, and they will ticket!) and is a bit of a beast (compared to Maddy!).
All suited up. At first I thought I was over dressed but once I dropped into the park valley, I wish I had more on!! Love the white leg warmers??
Ice on the creek...brrrr....but the ride was still fun. I rarely head to the park, so every turn was new stuff--I just couldn't feel my toes...
I also ran into this guy hard to see but it was a large young male with new a small rack of antlers. I cycled within a meter of him--it totally scared me when he stood up right beside me! After I took this picture with my phone, he turned towards me on the path and started trotting towards me. I dropped my phone in my pocket and got out of there....he was young but BIG!
As for the rest of my training, it's been up and down this week in the pool. Monday, I was a killing it in the pool, tuesday/wednesday, not so much! I think I'm just a bit rusty on the all important recovery and nutrition that is needed with the higher volume of training. I've decided to take a few notes from Shaggy's play book. He's always ready to go for each walk/run/ball chase session....but in between workouts, he recovers like a rockstar:

Well, I'm off to rest up for's time trail night, I have to be on my game--move over Shaggy!!

Oh yeah...this is for Louise and the Saskatchewan rellies: GO STAMPS GO!!!



Sarah said...

Those leg warmers are pretty cool! Looks like a very scenic ride, thank you for the photos.
Your dog is adorable by the way!

Xavi Garcia said...

Great pictures!

Kepp training hard!

"XTB" Xavi.

Anonymous said...

Actually those "go Stamps" comments will have Louise seeing red, well maybe green. She can't abide anything red especially in clothes 'cause it reminds her of the our beloved Stampeders! Who can cheer for a team with the nickname "Gang Green", it sounds icky if not pestilent and rotten.
Calgary and Lisa Supporter

Anonymous said...

Great Pics Lisa, good to see that you are back in training mode. Shag looks pretty content, he must be in training too.
Actually red is my favorite color....except when it comes to football. GREEN IS THE COLOR!!

Hmmm.......I wonder why your Dad wears a green jacket, could he be a closet Rider Fan??

GO RIDERS GO!!!!!!!!!!!