Monday, October 27, 2008

Running, wind, and camping!

Well, this week was a week of running. My legs are protesting a bit since they haven't been worked this hard in awhile! On the weekend I headed out east for a run along the river, it was going well until I turned back and headed west! The notorious westerly winds were blowing furiously down the river valley, making my return to the car a challenge! The last 25min I ducked onto the Douglas Fir trails and ran the rolling paths and stairs in there to get away from the wind. Then on Sunday I was convinced to run the Confed Park x-country relay run. It turned out to be a lot of fun and a bit has been over 2 months since I have put in a "race-pace" effort, the legs hurt and the lungs burned, but I remembered why I enjoy racing so much!

Next up? A school camping trip with my niece! As luck would have it, the weather is supposed to be nice this week, so hopefully we stay warm! The kids have to build their own shelters....I'm bringing my tent....

The Douglas Fir Trail:
Confed X-country Relay race, stream crossing:Hopefully not us this week!!!
Have a great week!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dolphins, Volcanoes, and Ironman Oh My!

I have to admit, it was nice to go to Kona and not have all my race and training gear! It is also nice to be a race purely as a spectator! There was a lot of nervous energy along the main strip in Kona--Ali'i Drive--leading up to the race but the girls (Carolyn Murray and Carol Montgomery)and I had none! Race day I swam with the Dolphins on the race course when all the athletes were out biking! It was amazing! Then post-race I was able to take in the sites that I have yet to see on the big island. The Volcano and the Green Sand Beach were awesome!
Here are some pictures:
The swim start, bright and early at 6:45 for the pros and 7:00 for the age groupers:

The bike, on the way out of town:
Kyle Marcotte at 10 miles.
Carolyn and I at the volcano. There is a new vent that just opened up in April this year, creating all the VOG in the Kona area.
Approaching the Green sand beach. If you would like an explanation of why it's green, let me know!
Back in the cold of Calgary now. I'm showing some pictures to the Kronos Triathlon group today...hope that goes well!

Monday, October 6, 2008

I love fall but...

....the temperature is dropping, I'm outta here! I know I said I was done with travel for the rest of the year....but I couldn't resist a trip to Hawaii! I'm heading off to Kona to watch and cheer for a bunch of my friends at the Ironman World Championships. It doesn't really count as a trip since I'm not taking my bike--only a carry-on!! No bike fees for me this time!! Bree is letting me take her roadie out for a spin when I'm out there! Thanks Bree!

Me and the girls in Hawaii last year!!
I'll be missing my niece's and brother's birthdays, but they will get a super cool gift from the island!! Happy Birthday Jord & Bry!! I'm also missing Thanksgiving, so I made Richard a pumpkin pie today (#2 worked out much better...#1 had to be thrown out...I'm really not a baker!!). Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Now I've got to find my sunscreen....
Have a good week!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Summer Do-Over!

Mother nature has been kind to us in Calgary the last few days!! Fall is my absolute favourite time of the year and it is much better when it's 24-26 degrees outside! Since I still can't be in the pool full-time (getting there, really did a number on my shoulder!), I've pulled out my commuter bike for some urban exploring. It's a cyclo-cross with full fenders, a pannier rack, and a bell, not light-weight what so ever! Since the local pathway speed limit is only 20km/hr, it's a good thing my bike is not built for speed!! Today, I'm hitting the pathways and circumnavigating Calgary! Love it!

The Weaselhead Flats in SW Calgary, where the Elbow feeds into the Glenmore drinking water reservoir:
Beautiful Fall colours and not a cloud in the sky!
Fish Creek Provincial Park. Canada's largest urban park, it's bigger than Vancouver's Stanley Park. In the 16 years I've lived here, I've probably only made it to the park 3 times!! Such a shame! It takes me about the same time to bike there as it would to drive down there!
More fall colours! One of the hills on the 70.3 run course.
Shaggy and I went for a walk along the Bow River to enjoy the weather. He swam up a storm! He absolutely loves to swim but had to take a big nap after!
Mr. Shags, playing some tug-o-war with his Frisbee.

Well, I have to pack up my lunch and water for my epic ride around Calgary! Going to be 25 today!

Love it!