Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dolphins, Volcanoes, and Ironman Oh My!

I have to admit, it was nice to go to Kona and not have all my race and training gear! It is also nice to be a race purely as a spectator! There was a lot of nervous energy along the main strip in Kona--Ali'i Drive--leading up to the race but the girls (Carolyn Murray and Carol Montgomery)and I had none! Race day I swam with the Dolphins on the race course when all the athletes were out biking! It was amazing! Then post-race I was able to take in the sites that I have yet to see on the big island. The Volcano and the Green Sand Beach were awesome!
Here are some pictures:
The swim start, bright and early at 6:45 for the pros and 7:00 for the age groupers:

The bike, on the way out of town:
Kyle Marcotte at 10 miles.
Carolyn and I at the volcano. There is a new vent that just opened up in April this year, creating all the VOG in the Kona area.
Approaching the Green sand beach. If you would like an explanation of why it's green, let me know!
Back in the cold of Calgary now. I'm showing some pictures to the Kronos Triathlon group today...hope that goes well!


BreeWee said...

Ha ha ha, Paul loves to tell stories about you and your passion for rocks and volcanoes so it is fitting that you offer to explain the green sand!

Glad you enjoyed Kona without the training! See you in 09 for a little training here...and Honu!

Enjoy the cold and hugs to you and Richard!

Darren Arcuri said...

The green sand comes from the olivine crystals(common in volcanic rock) in the rock surrounding the beach.

jessica rae kirkwood said...

Its green because of the olivine deposits! the lava rock is dense than the olivine crystals and so the basalt rock gets washed to sea, and the olivine washes up on the shore!!!

I got 100% on my Hawaiian islands course, ask any questions, its captivating!