Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Just a quick update: This past weekend I raced an ITU Continental Cup points race in Kelowna. The weather was perfect--exactly like what I raced and trained in in Europe--Cold and rainy! The swim went well, I was able to draft off Jill Savage (Canadian National team member and Olympian) and went onto the bike with her. We biked together (she was not running due to injury) and were joined by a Japanese athlete who managed to work her way up to us (somewhat illegally...). Our lead was extended by a further 2 minutes going onto the run. I was able to come out of transition first and comfortably run in for the win! My first win at an ITU points race! I will post some pictures as soon as I can find some--my entire family, minus Bry and the Shags, were out to cheer me on--one of them must have taken a picture or two??

Now I am back home getting ready for my trip back to Europe. World Champs September 1st! Watch it live on (it might be early in the morning though!). Next post will probably be from the Netherlands!

Later--I've got a tire to change!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sorry, No Pictures!

Just a quick update; I've been in Victoria for the last week and bit doing some training. I left the camera at home which is unfortunate since I went on a really beautiful ride today! I road on Millstream road, it was hilly but lined with lush forest and even had nice new pavement the whole way! A cyclists dream!

Anyway, one more week here. Richard is flying in on Wednesday and then we are driving over to Kelowna for the race. Then home for a few days and back over to Europe!