Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I love monday's!

I've had my head down and been getting some great training in since I got back in Calgary. Monday's have become my 'legs off day' or 'recovery' day, so after this last 2 weeks of high volume training, Monday was a day off training!! Although, it seemed to get filled with all sorts of house 'chores'!

Spring WAS here in Calgary, at least for a few days. With the warmer weather came beautiful blooms that made my allergies flare up....I can deal with a week or two of sneezing if it means that the warmer weather is coming!!

A beautiful day riding below. Although my next ride was in full winter gear this past weekend....brrr....it was chilly!!! Summer, please come soon!!

I also got my new Team Timex Orbea Ordu (& my road bike!) fit right! Thanks to Luke Way for the fit, we made some good changes and I feel more comfortable, powerful & faster on my bikes already!! Check out www.triway.ca to read more about Luke and his bike fitting talents.
Now I am organizing my trip to Europe, it's an action packed few weeks over there this year!! 5 races, a stop in the Swiss mountains and some visiting with family in the Netherlands. More on that trip later.....up next: Des Moines ITU World Cup race on June 13th.

Back to training....1km repeats tonight at the track!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

More St G Photos

More random pics from St George.....Thanks to Lifesport Coach Bjoern for the photos!

The Lifesport Ironman St George Camp crew:
On the new mountain bike, enjoying the sun!
My kind of Ironman Aid-station!!
Richard and coach Paul enjoy a little draft....it was a WINDY ride!!
Descending through Snow Canyon Park....my favourite road in all of St. George!

Good news....it's finally starting to warm up in Calgary!!!
Nothing like a 10k road race (so-so time), some swimming with 'chutes' & a short time trail on the new Orbea Ordu (love it!!!) to get my focus & fitness back on track for Europe in July!!

Cross your fingers & hope we have seen the last of the snow for the spring!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Rippin' it up in St G & the return of winter...

Last week Richard and I packed up the car and headed 1900km south for a little fun in the sun on our mountain bikes & to watch the Ironman in St George Utah! Here's some pics of our mountain biking adventures:

Miles & miles of singletrack to cycle on... The 'Acid Drops': fun to play in:
Richard demonstrating how it's done:
Me dropping down.....Xterra here I come!!
Enjoying the blue sky & vista views of the surrounding rocks....
Still love the geology...perified wood in the Navajo sandstone....
We returned this week, after a drive home so windy it pushed my roof rack back a foot, to the lovely spring weather of Calgary.....ahhh back on trainer as the snow is still flying!!! Boo hoo!!