Monday, March 31, 2008

One down, 3 more to go!

Well the first World Cup in Mooloolaba was last weekend and went okay. I finished a solid 19th in a strong Olympic year field, less than a minute out of my top 10 goal. I made few mistakes in T1 (which I managed to recover from) and T2 (which put me onto the run back of the lead girls, oops!), but I had a decent run (37.46) for how I felt on the day! It was a rough swim and a hot bike and run. Only going up from here!

Now I am off to New Plymouth, New Zealand for a week and then to Japan for the next 2 races. I'll try to get on for an update there but you might have to wait until after Japan (or until the Tokyo airport!). Thanks for all the supporting e-mails and comments--they keep me positive and working hard!!

Take care back home...I gotta go pack!

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Here are some pictures from the past few weekends. I finally was able to load them on here!! Enjoy! The Mooloolaba World Cup is March 30th! Check out on race day (evening of the 29th for those in North America!).

Paul Regensburg (my Lifesport coach), Brent McMahon and yours truly at the Redcliffe Splash and Dash 4 Cash!

Running off the bike on the Gold Coast (this is pre-cramping...and yes my race # was 69!)
Richard and I in Brissie (or Brisbane) for the weekend:
Hope all is well at home! Race season begins next weekend...bring it on!!

Monday, March 10, 2008


Hey long time no blog!

Just a quick update again: Raced a couple times out here, the Gold Coast tri and the Splash and Dash 4 Cash! The GC race went well until the run, I had some muscle spasm/cramping issues, so I pulled out after 5k. The Splash and dash was fun and I missed out on the win by a few seconds but was leading upto the last 300m and came in second--still dashed my way to some cash!

Now it is the final push into Mooloolaba World Cup! So far everything is going according to plan and I'm feeling great! 2 more hard weeks and then it's taper time!!!

Anyway, hope everything is going well in the Northern Hemisphere!! Talk to you soon--I'll post some race pics soon!!