Monday, March 31, 2008

One down, 3 more to go!

Well the first World Cup in Mooloolaba was last weekend and went okay. I finished a solid 19th in a strong Olympic year field, less than a minute out of my top 10 goal. I made few mistakes in T1 (which I managed to recover from) and T2 (which put me onto the run back of the lead girls, oops!), but I had a decent run (37.46) for how I felt on the day! It was a rough swim and a hot bike and run. Only going up from here!

Now I am off to New Plymouth, New Zealand for a week and then to Japan for the next 2 races. I'll try to get on for an update there but you might have to wait until after Japan (or until the Tokyo airport!). Thanks for all the supporting e-mails and comments--they keep me positive and working hard!!

Take care back home...I gotta go pack!


BreeWee said...

It was so much fun watching you race up-close! I moved EVERYONE out of the way so I could cheer for you in T1... It was crazy seeing how important those transitions are-so fast and nuts with everyone watching!
GREAT race, even more fun when we saw you leading the bike for a turn pulling (LISA was leading the world cup!) Coach was saying that... have fun on your travels and race hard!

Eileen Swanson said...

I wish I would have been there to watch you race live. Congrats on a solid finish in such an amazing field! You are awesome! I am excited for your amazing season....Take care.

Miss ya,

Anonymous said...

Wow lise you just keeping getting better. The Auckland race was great. You negative split the LAST 1.1Km on the final lap. Nice finish, an eleventh, you got to be happy with that,eh! As Bree says "have fun and race hard." I imagine it's just fun and hard work to finish like that. Rest and good luck next week in Ishaigaki.