Sunday, April 6, 2008

Oh So Close!!!

Hey Guys!

Well, I had another solid race in New Plymouth yesterday. I had a start # of 15 this time, which was nice not to be the last to line up for the swim start! The swim was a bit chaotic as usual, but a good wetsuit swim for me (I've had problems with the wetsuit in the past!). The bike ended up being a pack of about 20 girls and I stayed up at the front and out of trouble into the corners. I managed to come off the bike into T2 first this time (see the new pic above!), learning from my Mooloolaba mistake!! Onto the run, I was slightly off the pace the first 3k but bridged the gap upto 3 girls--Hewitt, Davis, and Tucker--and ran with them. This had me running in 9-12 place at the 6.6k mark. The last 3.4k were 3 short loops by the stands. Since I was running with a Kiwi, we had lots of crowd support (well Hewitt did and I pretended they were cheering for me!), Richard and Adrie were also on the course in their Dutch Orange, so I never missed them! To make a long story short, I was passed by an Aussie and Hewitt made a break that I didn't match and I had a sprint finish with a Japanese girl for 11th, with a 36.55 run split on a hilly course. It was just shy of my top 10 needed for Beijing qualification--but 2 more races to do that!

I'll take an 11th place though! Next up is Ishigaki on April 6th and I intend to beat my start # there too (it might even be in the single digits there!!)

Thanks for the support!
--PS--my current World Cup ranking is 17th!! Nice!


Eileen Swanson said...

WAY TO GO LISA! I looked up results last night and was so stoked for you! You are doing amazing! I am sure you will get that top 10 very, very soon. You are such an inspiration. I keep telling Reid about you and how I loved our bike interval workout together, well I tried to stay with you as best I could.


Astrid, Stephen & Matt said...

Congrats Lisa, I know you'll get the top ten finish!

Iron Greg said...

Nice work Lisa!!!! Keep it going, and you will get your spot!!
Good luck with the next race and happy travels!! :)

Lisa said...

Wow, congratulations Lisa on an amazing race! You will get that top 10 in Ishigaki! We are cheering for you from Canada!

Lisa from Edmonton

Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!! Next race is yours, top 10 here you come! Keep up the good work, you have the drive and a whole bunch of people cheering you on.

BreeWee said...

WHOA! 17th... you are amazing! It has been cool having Paul here, he is giving us all the scoop on your racing! We are all so cheerful for you...! AMAZING race. Have fun in the next 2 and BEST to you for LOADS of speed!
OH, thank you for the Lavaman tips & racing over there so I could finally win the thing!

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