Friday, April 11, 2008

Pics from NZ

New Plymouth World Cup swim start--3rd from the right.

T1--this time I got my helmet on the first try!

This one is for the NuVistites reading...I do occasionally still think about oil and gas! I had a great view of an offshore platform for the first 3.3k of the coastal run during the race!
The rolling hills of Taranaki...all volcanic deposits...makes for some great biking!
A clear view of the dormant Mount Egmont/Taranaki from my homestay's house. Very cool, they have a ski hill on it in the winter.


Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa,
Good luck in Ishigaki, we'll be watching and cheering you on!!

BreeWee said...

LISA! I am watching you race right now! I am so stoked for your swim... I see you on the bike riding strong... I will sit at this darn computer for 2 hours cheering (my neighbors think I am so weird right now!)
Go get it!

BreeWee said...

Lisa...still at the computer over 2 hours later and I cheered the entire time. No matter the outcome I will always be cheering for you! I can hardly believe the intensity of these races... you really have me motivated and inspired. Recover well... next race I will be at the darn computer again. Safe travels... shake it off...