Friday, November 13, 2009

Tryin' to find a rhythm...

The first week back is always the toughest. I'm tired, I have muscles so sore & exhausted that just getting out of bed is a challenge (not complaining, I love the aches and pains that come with training, even missed it a little over the last 6 weeks!), and I have a new schedule to adjust to. I find the hardest thing is finding my rhythm....the first week, I forget things for workouts, I'm a little late due to traffic or parking, or forget to check the gym hours to make sure it's open! It just takes a week to get my act together again!

As for the training, I am back RUNNING!!! Pain free too! It's going to be a slow build but I'm loving every step! In the pool, it's been about finding my rhythm too, this past season, we didn't focus on my swimming and my stroke & endurance suffered a bit. I'm currently swimming with the UofC team and getting my butt kicked daily! The other day was 'circuit day' or as I renamed after the practice, 'torture Lisa day'. I'll spare you all the details, but it included swimming attached to a bucket pulley system, we swam pulling a GIANT bucket full of water up the pulley. I almost drown. Then we moved onto my personal fav, 'chutes'! That's right, swimming with a parachute attached to you. here is a pic of one below:
Don't be fooled, it looks small, but man it is hard!! There was also some underwater swimming, again a fav, and countless pull ups from getting in and out of the pool! I could barely drive home! The next day was filled with so many flip turns my toes ached from pushing off the wall. The good news is....after a couple of weeks of barely making the sets, I'm starting to see some gains and feeling a bit of rhythm in the pool...finally!!

As for the bike...this weekend, while watching the race that I was supposed to be at, I will be doing my first 'test set' wants baseline numbers to start the season off...oh it's going to hurt!!

GOOD LUCK at Clearwater!!!

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Anonymous said...

what kind of injury did you have? I have a hamstring injury that has kept me from running for over a month now.
I don't know if you remember but I gave you a massage at REV3 in CT.