Friday, November 27, 2009

Deers, the yogi master & a new nemesis...

So I've had more urban deer encounters in the past week and 1/2 than I have seen all year. It all started last week during the morning walk that Shaggy and I take down the back alleys in the neighbourhood. We came to a backyard with a fake plastic deer in it--our neighbourhood was built in the 50's so it is a mix of the retired (with a plethora of lawn ornaments), empty nesters and young couples. I had walked right past it, Shaggy on the other hand, froze, transfixed by the deer. He got his back up (this is rarely done by him!) and stalked ever so slowly toward it, unsure what it was hilarious. Then he got close enough to sniff it nose to nose and realized it was fake and trotted off satisfied. Next I saw the big guy cycling last week and a family of 5 (real ones) on the street early one morning on a walk with Shaggy. I was lucky enough to see them first and grab Shags before he took off towards them! Then I had to stop and let 2 deer leisurely cross the path I was riding on in Fish Creek on Thursday!

I also finally caught Shaggy's yoga in action. Stealing another recovery technique from Shaggy, I have made an effort to attend a weekly yoga/core class--even though I am probably the worst yoga-ist (if that's a word) in the class, with the exception of the core portion, which I excel at! Take note of Yogi Master Shag's aptly named 'downward facing dog' stretch--with a couch adaptation....this is done multiple times a day, he also regularly does the 'upward facing dog' stretch before heading outside....
On the training front, it's more of the same; swim (a lot)/bike/run (well, jog). Actually, I've been swimming so much that last week I came out of the pool after 6400m with hickies on my neck! This is what happens when you swim way too much and your skin is way too dry!! I also took a big blow to my already deflated swimming ego--I got beat by a breaststroker in a 100m showdown the other my defence he races somewhere in the ballpark of 1:00 for 100m breastroke and it was after 4800m of swimming & sprinting on the friday of a big week of training--so I was a little tired! Either way, I have myself a new nemesis in the out evil Dr. Claw would say...I'll get you next time time!!

And since I can't bring myself to cheer for any team east of Winnipeg and my Stamps are out....Go Riders Go!

Over & out,


Sarah said...

Shaggy sounds like quite a character and friend. My late dog has done the same thing with plastic figurines, only he looked so ashamed when he discovered it was plastic!
Good luck with the nemisis and the yoga :)

Anonymous said...

Hey I want my dog back! He looks way too happy and pampered to move home. No sofas for him here.
Hopefully you can beat Shaggy in a swim-off. He has a pretty mean dog paddle.
Go Riders
The dog's owner

Anonymous said...

I think you mean, Dr. Evil