Sunday, June 21, 2009

Race 1/4 Washington DC

The swim: we must never speak of this swim again. I've moved on.

The bike: because of what happened above, I was a little behind coming onto the bike. There was 8 of us to start, I was optimistic we could catch the chase pack 40sec up and worked hard but everyone kept dropping off, we were down to 5, 4, 3, and finally with 4 laps to go only 2 of us were left to chase. We held the gap to the chase group but lost time to the lead group. It was a lot of work on the bike.
The run: I ran with tired legs from the bike, I just kept chugging along, passed a few girls ahead. Finished 23rd. It was a solid run but by no means near what I am capable of.

The summary: First ITU race (not counting Korea) since Beijing. Not sure what went on in the water-I've had some great swims the last couple weeks. I will be hitting the pool all next week in Des Moines! The bike, solid, felt strong, would be have been great if I swam what I can swim and been in a better position. The run, a good training day, know I can run faster than that when I'm actually in the mix!

Up Next: My team of 1 is heading off to Des Moines tomorrow morning. Refocusing on what I learned today. Get another crack at 'er in 6 days. Check out this link for details:

That's all for now, thanks for the cheers!



BreeWee said...

yeah Lisa, forget that one... NEVER EVER swim like me again (no offense to myself), next race swim like you and then you'll have them chicks on the bike and be in the mix on the run!

Good luck this week with a speedy recovery and then smash em' silly at Hyveeeeeee!

Oh... Hiro and Maki did IM Japan today, all I could think of was you trying a LONG race like that, i'm sure you will one of these days!

Anonymous said...

Well..... you'll kick 'em this coming week-end in Des Moines!! Everyone is entitled to an off day, and you must have had an off day because we all know what you are capable of.
Good luck with your training this week and kick some butt in Des Moines this week-end!!!

Katya said...

Who knew swimming "skills" were contagious?! Guess you'll probably be looking for a new roomie @ the next camp; ) (hope not)!

You'll do great this weekend--extra motivation. Plus, sounds like the biking is coming along nicely! Bet you're already flying on 2 wheels, even faster than ever. Kick butt @ hyvee!