Thursday, January 15, 2009


Yesterday I hit the wall, and hit it hard, no bouncing off it, just hit and drop to the ground. It's usually about 10 days after arrival at training camp that athletes who have been going strong for 9 days straight suddenly max out and the body just simply quits. Well, in Victoria, I was starting to think I was invincible and would be able to clear the wall in one jump. I started to approach the wall half way through Day 12. I ran head on into it on Day 13.

Day 13 started off with a horrible nights sleep, and an accidental sleep-in for the 5:30am swim--it happens to the best of us. I was only 40' late and made up all the meters I missed, although I was really tired and sluggish. We were back at the pool for another swim at noon but I first a 30' "recovery" run. It took all I had to do this run, I even downloaded some new tunes to my ipod, solely for the extra motivation. After the swim I had a lunch meeting with Coach Paul and then back to the lab for some sweat/sodium testing. What was supposed to be a 2 hour ride turned into a 3 hour trainer ride. I struggled, came back from the brink of breaking, but managed to suck it up and finish it off strong. I actually slept that night!

Day 14...we did a tempo/fartlek run around 'the bog', I went out pretty hard on the first part of the run, hoping the legs would come around for the second half...nope! I saw the 'spirit of the bog' floating out there, ready to drag me in when my legs finally gave out (hallucinations, not a good sign!). Fortunately, I made it through the run without a dip in the bog water! After a short break, back to the pool--hoping for an easy float--nope again! Coach Lance put together one hard workout, I think they were officially trying to make me break...I was close but not going to give them the satisfaction! Thanks to the draft of Brent, I managed to get through the workout!!

Now, I going out for sushi...yummy! Only one more strength/core session and a swim to finish off...I can do it!! Now time to get back up, recover and make to the top of the wall. This will only make me stronger. Love it.

Back to Calgary friday...I may not leave my bed until monday...



Anonymous said...

Sounds very painful, not sure how you manage to do it, but good for you. Enjoy a relaxing week end, you deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Good work on the camp Lisa! Reading your report makes me feel like a bit of a slacker for the pathetic 75 minute trainer ride I called a workout today! Call me when you wake up from your deserved nap!

BreeWee said...

ha ha ha, ha ha ha! The wall, love it, I hit it on day 5! Maybe day 3... too funny.

Coach made so many jokes that morning you were late to swim, he said he finally cracked you... we knew there was NO WAY you of all people would intentionally miss anything...

Happy sleeping! Happy recovery!