Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Back to reality

Well, made it back to Cowtown. I was a hermit on the weekend and pretty sore. The good thing is that the weather in Calgary has been fantastic (for January!), sunny and in the mid-teens, nice! Trying to focus on recovery and getting back into my routine here. I had a massage the other night and my therapist (who I've been going to for years), stopped after about 45' and told me: "you should book another hour this week if you can, this the worst your back has been in a long time" Ouch! Guess +70km of swimming over 2 weeks will do that to you. I'm back in on Thursday and doing some serious stretching and recovery!

Found some pics from the 8k race in Victoria...that is me running behind the crowd, #17, think this is just before I really started hurting!!

Lucy Smith (Lifesport coach/teammate & race winner) showing us how it's supposed to be done!Cheers,


Lisa G said...

Looks like a fun race! Nice to be able to wear shorts in January (even if it's Victoria). Hope your muscles stop hurting soon - sounds like you have been doing some incredible training!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa,
Drop me a email at jordan@tri-it.ca. I want to discuss what we talked about in the store today!

-Jordan Bryden

rebecca w said...


I looked at the photo of you from the race and couldn't believe that my first horseback riding instructor was running in front of you! I havent seen him in years! what a coincidence!