Monday, January 12, 2009

New for 2009...

I have been asked by Paul, the owner of Speed Theory, to write a monthly article in their Ironman 70.3 Calgary Newsletter. I'm calling it Lisa's Top 5's. For January it was my top 5 ways to transition from the couch to training. February will be my top 5 travel adventures. Take a peak at: There are also technical articles by fellow Calgary Triathletes, Trev Williams, Kyle Marcotte and Scott Curry. If there is a 'top 5' you'd like to see, let me know!

A couple other exciting new things for 2009 are my new partnerships. Trakkers and Timex have added me to their teams! Click on the logos to the right to check out my partners and supporters.

That's all for now.


1 comment:

BreeWee said...

Yes, I have a top5 I need to see, ASAP...

What are the top5 ways to make it through a 5k swim at commonwealth??? ha ha ha or any workout that is kicking your @$$!