Sunday, January 11, 2009

Vic camp Days 5-10

My last post left off with me going to the trainer ride+run off the bike. Since we started the ride at 5, it meant we were running at 7--in the dark! It turned out to be a Rocky Balboa moment...dark, wind and rain, surprisingly, I felt good and had fun during it! The next day was a 5:30am swim (never my favourite!), core/strength workout and VO2 max testing on the bike. With tired legs, I had a tough time mustering up the energy to crank out the extra wattage, but the numbers were okay for an early season test.
Thursday, coach didn't let up on us one bit--8k of swimming (in 2 sessions) and 8x1k of running, good times. Friday was a little easier, some recovery swimming and a well earned sleep-in. Saturday was a base run and ride--I rode outside solo, in the rain...I wasn't passing up a chance to get on the I secretly felt tough like Lance Armstrong...

Today was an 8k run, which Paul had told me was "just a small local run". Turns out that running in Victoria is a bigger event than running in Calgary. There are so many fast runners here! I managed an okay run for 6th women overall, 2nd in my age group, with some tired and heavy legs--I had tough time with second 4km. I was snaked at the line by an 80lbs, 50 year old lady...I had no idea she was there, and in my defence she apparently was (and still is) a really fast runner in her day!! Anyway, this run was followed up with a 6k swim.....phew!
Tomorrow is a lighter day, but still 2 swims! I Hope that I make it to my flight home on friday...


henk said...

Hi Lisa,

What a program! Tough!

But all the good for the nationals in Stein and the europeans in Holten :-)


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm...50 yrs old, you mean there's still hope for me? Nah forget that, I get tired just reading about your work out!!
Keep up the good work