Monday, August 11, 2008

Tot Ziens Chuncheon!

First thing tomorrow morning we leave for Beijing. Chuncheon has been a great place to train and acclimatize but it's time to get to the village! Plus, the Korean coverage of the Olympics is hit and miss, depending on if there is a Korean in the event! Luckily, they have a few good swimmers and they like to show Phelps swim, so we have seen most of the swimming. I gave it a try but really, 10m air rifle shooting is not very exciting on TV! I missed the women's 4x100m relay, as we were out riding some tough hills in the heat, the girls won the Netherlands first gold of the games!! Off to a good start!

After a few 'off' days of training--Coach & Richard said not to worry, but after back to back lackluster workouts, I was slightly concerned--I managed to have a really strong day today! Phew--as usual, P&R were right!

Here is my race kit. Lucky #39 is my race number (determined by random draw):Now I have to pack my gear up, already have the bike done--that's the worst part!

Beijing here I come!

6 more days.



henk said...

Race kit is superb with all that orange!!!
And since today: 1 x gold, 1 x silver and 1 x bronze.
It is time that the village get to know these dutch triathletes, so have a good flight and all the best in Beijing.
August 18th will make a dream come true for bib 39.

4 in the morning is no problem for us we will be infront of our TV cheering you up.
Go Lisa go!

Carson said...

good luck Lisa, Dont forget about us slow people! Me and my sis will be watching for sure!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Lisa!!

I'm so excited for you!

I'm staying at your friend Erin's place...There are 3 pictures of you right in the living room. So, I'm thinking of you tons. HA-HA!

All the best!


Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa,
I'm counting down the sleeps till we get to watch and cheer you on....5 more!!!! Oma is all packed and excited about going to watch you in Beijing. We wish you a very successful race, GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!

Jesse said...

Good luck, Lisa! I'm cheering for you in cyberspace ( and real space! Sunday will be a late sleep night.


Anonymous said...

Best of luck Lisa! I've been thinking of you lately with all the Olympic coverage. Keep it up.


Anonymous said...

wishing you the best in your upcomming race LISA
we have been following you all the way
we will be watching you
with a heineken in hand
sunday here in saskatoon at 8 pm
also looking for 4 orange caps and teeshirts in the stands
sure like your blog
bob and joanne

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,

Congratulations to you big time. You're a champ in my eyes. Give it all you've got, or I'll throw you off the sleigh at Ina's next sleigh ride. (you probably don't remember that) I DO remember your tenacity - TOUGH MIND!! And at your elite level, the game is played between the ears. GIVE 'ER!!

Go hard Girl, we'll all be cheering you on. JUST DO IT!!!