Friday, August 8, 2008

Some pictures!

Hey! Here are some pictures!

My white team uniform (we have one in blue as well). I love having a uniform to wear, the only decision I have to make in the morning is what colour (blue, orange, white) of super comfy clothes I'll be wearing today! The view from my balcony in Chuncheon, Korea. The river is also the site of our open water swim training (still haven't been to the pool yet). The water temp is a mixture of 34 degrees and 18...the thermocline is at about 10cm, so your face would be super hot and your hands/arms cold!
My room. There is so much space in here, I have my very own dance floor! So far my experience with Korean hotel rooms is that they are all very similar and huge!
The hotels also always come with an assortment of slippers to put are 2 pair, I have another pair in the bathroom and 2 more on the balcony. I've been using them for my nightly disco routine!! There is also about 6 extra duvets in the closet...really, how cold does it get here?!The teams 'A-team' van. Not the best pic, I'll get a better one. So far it's been really hot here! I've had the privilege of running with Marti ten Kate, one of the Netherlands legendary marathon runners, he went to the Seoul Olympics (his PB is ~2:10, although he says; "that was many years ago"! Doesn't matter he still runs fast!). He schooled me on our long run and then pushed me (aka: left me in his dust) on my run off the bike yesterday. I also had a swim to bike interval out of the pool...I had a few strange looks from the locals driving...I imagine a girl in a bathing suit cruising down the road isn't something they see everyday! Yesterday was a bit of a challenging day for me. I think it was the combination of the 3 day post travel and re-adjusting to the heat. Either way, I'm sure glad I flew out early to be with the team and get used to the time zone and heat!

We watched the pageantry of the opening ceremonies from the 'Crystal room' in our hotel. The excitement is building! The fireworks were cool but I don't imagine it helped the air quality any!

My race is on August 18th at 10am. That is August 17th at 8pm MST in North America, August 18th at 4am CEST in Europe (ouch, sorry about that! Henk, I know you won't mind getting up early!?)

9 more days!

Take care and thanks for all the e-mails and comments,
PS-I wrote an article for the Lifesport newsletter about my journey (note that I wasn't at the Opening ceremonies but will be at the closing!); click here.


Anonymous said...

Ahem, at the risk of further abuse by "A", I would like to add a few comments to you Life Sport column.
As a lifelong Lisa Mensink observer, I have a few observations that you've left out of the article.
When you were doing your recitals as a 5-9 year old in front of friends and family at the Winnipeg Concer Hall, you looked as excited as a cat about to be bathed. If you could've been elsewhere you would have been! I should post that picture of you dressed as a dancing pink poodle! What are parents for!
You forgot to mention the other part of your bike experience-the crash. In 1990 just before Alberta Provincials, you went down and fractured your arm. No problem for Lisa; put on a cast and rest for two weeks, split the cast and race. Coach Larry Schulhauser asked me if you arm was really broken (greenstick fractures of radius and ulna) because he thought it was impossible to swim and compete with a broken arm. You showed him how! But it certainly put you off biking.
That poodle was our poodle- affectionately named Jasper. He was a large standard and very athletic and loved to run. On one of your "little" runs you almost killed him in the middle of Nose Hill Park, remember.
Your tenacity and dedication through the last two years are something we are all proud off, nevermind the results. I remember once questioning your commitment to athletics (as we as were investing a large amount of time and money in swimming). I was quickly and rightly rebuffed and never did that again! The perserverance of the last two years is the product of those swimming years where there were more failures than successes, yet you went forward all the time.
Your family in Canada and your larger extended family in Holland are all proud that one of theirs, is an Olympian. Yes I like saying that as much as Bree.
We as your parents and Oma will be there in Beijing, in Oranje, cheering you and your team mates on. Hup, hup Lisa!
Nine more days.
BTW you always looked good in orange, not so good in pink!
Tot ziens in Peking
Mom and Dad

Bruce Stewart (施樸樂) (ブルース・スチュワート) said...

Just stick to coach's plan and relax. Everything will go well for you. I hope I get to see some coverage of the race, which comes about a week before Bree's big day at IMC.

BreeWee said...

Yay you are updating this thing regularly! You are like the only Olympian that is taking time to "share your journey" with your fan club, we so appreciate it and I think it will bring you some sort of super cool special speedy vibes because all of us will be cheering from our homes for you louder than anyone else's fan club!

LOVE the uniform and I am seriously laughing at you running down a Korean road in your swim suit! ha ha ha! At least it's not a thong!

ENJOY it all, breathe it in, this is your DREAM COME TRUE! It really is happening... NICE!

Dolphin Boy said...

Aloha Lisa,
Just wanted to wish you well for a great race and wonderful safe experience. Thanks for the updates and images. will be cheering for you from Kona Hawaii.

Dolphin Boy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
You don't know me: I am a colleague of your dad's. Like him, I was born in Holland, so I am twice as excited about you being an Olympian.Your dad has always been so proud of you (bragging), so I can imagine how excited he and your mom and oma must be to watch you race in Beijing. My family and I will be watching out for you on race day.
We will be cheering for you, and are wishing you lots of luck , perseverance, and good fortune, on your big day.
Louise Jackson

Anonymous said...

Dear Lisa,
We wish you a great race. Here, in Lemele, we will cheering for you at the awefull time of four in the very early morning. The whole Dutch clan/family says: ZET HEM OP, ( laat zien wat Lisa kan! ).
Love and good fortune.
Oom Fred, tante Marian.

Astrid, Stephen & Matt said...

First I was trying to picture you in a blue leotard but now I am thinking that a picture of you as a dancing pink poodle would be way better!

Hope you have a great last week of preparation and I'll be watching for #39 on race day!

PS. I too told all my family in Holland to watch for you!!!