Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Week 3/5 found me back in Calgary for another hard week of training, capped off with a race in Canmore. The race was cold, I was frozen, I've become soft, I finished second but was under orders to stick to my specific race plan (including backing off the last 5k so I wouldn't be too sore on the flight the next day), my legs were begging for the taper to begin; soon legs, soon.

Made it to Korea. Took one long fully packed flight from Vancouver to Seoul. Followed by a ride in a minivan with no seatbelts (that drives me nuts), I was so tired I fell asleep on the smelly bench seat, only to wake up with a giant spider crawling on me....ewww...I can still feel it on me! Now I am at the Ladena resort in Chuncheon. Took our A-team van for a swim at the pool, felt jet-lag heavy, then a ride in the afternoon along the river. It was 36 degrees out, hot, but a really nice ride. I had my 2 domestiques (Sander, my Dutch teammate, and Chris from Zimbabwe) plus the van leading us around the route. If only it was like that everyday!

Will post more later, maybe some pictures. Now I am really looking forward to sleeping after pushing through the first day of jet-lag without a nap...find I adjust better if I cut the nap out the first couple days.




Louie said...

Lisa we're so excited for you. We're thinking about you everyday!!!
Good luck!!
From the Evers Clan

BreeWee said...

phew.... almost there... TOO excited for you! Happy sleeping, tapering, and RACING!

henk said...

You're almost there! Let the games begin!
All the best the coming days!!

For the Netherlands the games begin today as our soccer team is playing Nigeria.
But for us the real highlight will be on August 18 and 19.
Give my regards to Sander.


jaime said...

Hey Lisa,

Good luck!!! I'll be thinking of you and, of course, watching!!!

Jaime Hansen

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Lisa!!
We will all be following your race in Beijing. It's great to see you do so well.

We will be rooting for the #1 Calgary (and Canadian) girl and wish you the very best!!

Rob, Heidi, Heather and Jordan Bryden -Calgary

Jennifer Mensink said...


Enjoy your acclimatizing time before the big day! Best of luck!


PS - The Dutch wear is some much nicer than the Canadian wear ;-)

Jennifer Mensink said...

Should say, "is much nicer..."

That was for Fred!