Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Welkom naar Peking!

It's been an amazing couple days. It's been slightly overwhelming but in a good way! The Village is bustling with athletes and activities! It's been a challenge to keep focus, but I'm still on track!

We landed at the brand-spanking-new Beijing airport and the 'special' treatment began! Although, it was a bit disappointing since there was hardly anyone at the airport, so there were no lines to cut anyway! I made the guys stop for this photo opp

We jumped on a shuttle bus and off to the Olympic Village we went! Again, there is an 'Olympics' lane on the freeway but there was very little traffic!
Coach Paul came for a visit at the venue and to give me a tough swim workout:
Don't worry, this is only the McCafe in the Dining Hall, I'm saving the McD's binge for post race! The Flat Whites are excellent!
My new ride! This is outside of the Dutch residence block--A9.
That's about all I've got to report for now. Tomorrow we are catching a ride out to the triathlon venue (~40k north of here) to do our training. The water temperature is reportedly 28 degrees, good thing I brought my wetsuit! Richard, my parents and Oma arrive tomorrow too!!

Thanks again for all the e-mails and comments--they are motivating!

4 more training days!



Louie said...

Lisa - I actually cried when I read your last entry - I'm just so happy for you and PROUD of you!!

GO LISA GO! You will hear us cheering all the way from Calgary.


henk said...

Hi Lisa,

finally you there in Beijing and now the rest in Dutch.
Geniet ervan je hebt hier hard voor gewerkt en je verdient het!
Het allerbeste komende maandag, de beste race van je leven gewenst!

En je familie heeft gelijk: Oranje staat je prima.
De Cals familie zal voor je juichen en duimen dat alle wensen voor die belangrijkste race in je leven mogen uitkomen.


E O'Grady said...

Hi Lisa,

You sound so up beat and positive!!! You must be having a blast over there :)

You have worked so hard for this, I know your going to do Great! I'll be thinking of you on race day and sending you all my positive vibes over the ocean.

Love and Lucky Black Poodles,
Erin xo

Jennifer Mensink said...


Just read your Lifesport article, it is pretty inspiring! I was thinking of trying out for the drinking and eating biathlon next year. I am sending you positive thoughts and vibes across the giant pool of the world. It will start at Chestermere Lake and travel through the waters of the world somehow! Good luck with the training and soak in the experience fully. This is an amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience! I'll be cheering you on from my travels abroad. Craig and I are taking off for our anniversary on the weekend. If we are near Vegas, I'll be putting a $20 on you to place! Visualize the end, I see it with a first place finish!


BreeWee said...

I LOVE the photos, I can not believe you are there, where I am watching Phelps just crush everyone! Lisa you look so GREAT, you have that "I'm an Olympian" glow! Glad you are starting to believe it!!! Have fun, thanks for sharing this adventure! If you really road that bike you might give your competitors a chance!

Astrid, Stephen & Matt said...

I still can't get over it - you're an Olympian! Seriously, how cool are you??

It really must be something to actually be there. On race day, I am sure you are going to find something you didn't know you had and I think that everyone in the field is going to be a serious contender for a medal, especially you!! Anything can happen and from past Olympic Triathlons... it has!

Rest up and make sure Richard gives you one hell of a good luck kiss!


Rick and Karin said...

Lisa: Give 'em hell and good luck. Sounds like you are having a wonderful experience. We are thinking good thoughts for you. ACE will be cheering you on...

Dolphin Boy said...

I'm already cheering for you!!
How exciting this must be for you!

Have fun, take tons of photos!

Anonymous said...

We're cheering for you here in Winnipeg (and Atlanta) ... Bill, Irene, Andrea and Wendy

Jennifer Mensink said...

Hey, I missed mom,dad and oma before they left, could you please pass on a message? I hope they have a safe and enjoyable trip.


P.S. Did you know that there is a Lisa Mensink wikipedia page? My money is on dad. No one we know would reference your blog correctly. I am going to add some juicy gossip to it right now!

Jen&Brent said...


WOW! This is so exciting. It must feel incredible to be there. I'll be watching and cheering for you. You are awesome :)


Anonymous said...


Love reading your report. Can feel the excitement growing. Thanks for giving us the time for the Tri. On Sunday night we be will be glued to the TV to cheer you on .

You sound ready! Go get em girl!

Bruce & Marsha

Anonymous said...

Great work getting to the Olympics Lisa. Have a great race, I am cheering for you.
Gary Bis

Anonymous said...

Wow, I am so excited for you. To be competing at the Olympics must be such a surreal feeling. We will be cheering you on, as usual, and sending positive thoughts your way!! We are all so proud of you, and happy for you to reach your goals and dreams. Now go kick some Olympic butt!!!!!!
Louise, Gary, Mike, Jesse & Randy

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa:
One more sleep!
The Winnipeg Fan Club - St. Vital Section will be glued to the tube tomorrow evening! Apparently the Victoria Beah Section has located a TV as well.
It has been such fun to follow your bog these past 8 months.
Good luck tomorrow and have fun!

Carol and André