Thursday, July 8, 2010

Euro Week 1 & 1/2...the Cole's Notes version...

I've been a bad blogger lately!  My apologies!  Here is a summary of the last week and a bit. 

It started off in the Dublin airport waiting 3 hours for a ride that never came, then a ride on the local bus (the milk run to Athlone) and a taxi ride to the hotel, with bike and bags in tow!  There was a bag that was lost, a chat with local police and a lovely Irish couple who had rescued my bag!  Then there was a race which didn't go so well.  My mind & body still seemed to be somewhere in a time zone over the Atlantic.  This lead to a missed bike pack, a transition penalty of 15 seconds for not putting my wetsuit in my box, and a run that felt like Leprecons were hanging onto my legs!  Needless to say, the coaches and I made the decision to stop since I was well back and had 3 more races to come!  Not a easy decision, since I hate having a DNF beside my name, but a professional one.

Now I am staying with my parents and niece in a little town north of Holten (the site of my next race).  We are visiting my relatives who live out here and have come watch me race in Holten before.  I'm feeling pretty excited for the race on Saturday, start #3 and I got a mention on the ITU race preview article.

That's all for now!  After the race it's off to the south of Holland and the BIG GAME is on Sunday, should be fun!!
Hup Holland Hup!



Anonymous said...

Good Luck in the race Lisa!!!!

eirefoto said...

Hello Lisa,

Here are my photos from Athlone:


Hope you like them,

Regards from Ireland,

Francis K.

Jennifer said...

Good luck Lisa! Don't partake in too many family festivities prior to the race, I know how crazy mom and dad can be! By the way, I am sending you this message from your laptop in Butte Montana. Mensink PRIDE!