Tuesday, June 29, 2010

and.....she's off....

Just a quick post from the YYC AC lounge! After a couple months at home, with only a trip to Des Moines, I'm off on my next adventure.

This one includes a tour of western Europe. First up: European Championships in Athlone, Ireland this weekend. I fly into Dublin today. From there, I meet up with my parents & niece in Holland and race there. Should be fun to have the family there to watch! After that, Hamburg, London, a stop in the Swiss Alps and finally my favourite, Kitzbuhel!

I'll try to keep the updates frequent and with photos!! Check out http://www.triathlon.org/ for results and live feeds.
Enjoy the summer!


Anonymous said...

I'll be checking in for results! Please no more posts that mention the AC Lounge as I'll probably be reading most of your updates from the Westjet gate!

Jennifer said...

I finally got on to a computer! What happened in Ireland? We are sizzling hot here in St. George and cheering you on from afar. Give my child a big hug and kiss and go rock that Dutch race! Make the Mensink name a name that others are finally envious of having! Not Menstink, Mensdink, etc, etc.....


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