Thursday, February 25, 2010

Coast to Coast & the Other Side of the World

Every year I say I want to cut down on the number of trips I take and have an easier, quite schedule. Every year that plan gets derailed somehow, this year seems to be no exception either. I don't know how it happens but suddenly I'm booking plane tickets, signing up for races in the middle of winter and packing my bags!

After a quick week in Victoria that involved some swimming, some sweating, some mile repeats and hills with my Lifesport teammates, I left the budding cherry blossom trees for a blast of winter on the opposite coast.....

This trip was to meet all my new Team Timex buddies. Why New Jersey you ask? Timex is partnered up with the NY Giants and we were able to make use of their fancy new practise facilities....this place is sweet!!!

We also played a little football...for me this was an hour of avoiding the football and trying not to tear something in my fragile!! Seriously, Triathletes should not be allowed on the field!
There was also the night at Medieval Times....I thought these places didn't actually exist except on the Simpsons...Not sure what to say about this place except...Go Red Knight!
And since we had a view of NYC from the Timex facility, there was an evening in NY! Here I am with Triathlete & coach, Chris Thomas, in Times Square. Lights, lights, lights....
Up next? I'm packing for the long journey to summer....going back to Noosa, Australia for some training and races to see where the training is at. Then I can focus on what I need to' tweak' when I get back in April and get down to some serious work for the summer races in Europe!!
Start counting those airmiles....

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