Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Swimming in the 'D' Lane

Happy Holidays!! You know it's time for an update when your Dad calls you and says..." you really need to update your blog Lisa..."

Well, after a short but sweet Christmas break, I've been on 'Christmas training camp' with my swim group. I've been relegated to the back of the distance lane or the D lane. When I swam, I avoided the D lane, it wasn't somewhere I ever wanted to only meant longer sets and swimming more meters....funny how things turn out!

Here is how to tell if you've been swimming too much lately:

  • You've swam a total of 31km in 3 days

  • Sometimes when you try to go fast, you can't feel if your arms are moving!

  • Half way through the workout you daydream about how good your Powerbar is going to taste

  • After workout you are so hungry that you HAVE to eat your Powerbar in the shower...gross I know, but I was beyond hungry

  • You aren't sure you'll be able to hold onto the steering wheel while driving home after practise
  • You've stopped showering between workouts, there just doesn't seem to be a point & Richard doesn't seem to mind the chlorine smell
  • Because of the above, you have also ceased to brush your hair, again, no point

  • This is how you feel after 3 heavy days of swimming: more practice tomorrow and then thankfully, the swimming gods have closed every single pool in Calgary on New Year's Day, so it's a day out of the water!!! Then, it's a weekend of snowshoeing and skate skiing on the books...I hope my arms can use the poles!!

Happy New Year everyone!


Sarah said...

Haha, I love the manatees as the heavy swimming visual!

Thanks for an entertaining post and have fun snowshoeing and skiing, Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I remember eating oreos while swimming 'fly at those camps in Pheonix.

Lisa G said...

I remember Christmas training camps like that way back in the day - haven't done once for almost 15 years though! You are going to be swimming away from everyone in 2010!

Jamie said...

HAHAH! I don't think I've ever heard of anyone eating a powerbar while in the shower. Too funny. Love it.