Monday, November 2, 2009

CeraSport on Board!

When I first started racing Triathlon, I really struggled with hydration and nutrition. After some experimentation with various electrolyte drinks my first couple seasons racing, I was down to plain ol' water on the bike--I just couldn't stomach the super sweet drinks or some of them just didn't sit well when I raced. Once I started competing at a higher level, I realized that water just wasn't going to help me get great performances--especially in hot weather.Enter CeraSport. This rice-based electrolyte drink works great! It's not super sweet (but has great variety of flavours) and since it's not sugar-based, my stomach loves it! CeraSport is now one of my valued supporters, here is the official press release. You can order this great product online or chat with me if you want to try it, check their site out:

And yes, the pumpkin on the left was mine!
Stayed return to training has been scheduled for Nov 9...and yes that includes running!!! SO excited!


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