Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Made it!

Well, I've actually been here a few days. Noosa is still the same, except a little cooler in 'winter', although Sept 1 is officially the first day of spring!

My first order of business after my long flight to Auckland (on the upper deck of a 747!). A flat white and a kiwi for Breakie.
Ahhh....doesn't get much better than this...ocean temp currently 19-20 degrees.
My ride for the week in Noosa...I call her Molly. Note the pink flamingo on the front fender!

A few more days here and then I meet up with the rest of the Dutch team on the Gold Coast. Race day is Sept 13th (the 12th in North America!).
Hope all is well!


Samantha said...

Yay!!! I'm so excited. I leave Saturday and get there Monday (which so happens to be my birthday as well). I'm sure I will see you at some point next week.
talk to you soon,

Anonymous said...


Hello there and good luck! It has been fun to discover your blog and learn a little about you. Fun, too, to see "your Richard", especially standing on my rock at Victoria Beach. ;)

I'll be checking to see how your racing progresses.

(Clarice's friend) Richard Peebles