Sunday, September 6, 2009

Leaving Noosa....

Sigh, I head south to the Gold Coast tomorrow, my last day in Noosa. Here is are a few of the reasons I love it here:
  • My first workout of the day is usually completed by 7:30am
  • Due to the early start, I have a good excuse to go to bed at 8pm!
  • Beaches named Sunshine and Sunrise
  • The National Park and it's sandy trails and beautiful views is a 7 min jog from here
  • Squad swim group--I always seem to step up my game for Max (the coach) while I'm swimming here!
  • Always a bike group heading out every morning
  • Bike lanes all around Noosa Heads
  • No buildings over 3 stories
  • The brilliant stars at night

That's all for now, a 3hour drive to Surfers Paradise (where the Dutch team hotel is) and then race day on Sunday.

G'Day Mate!



Vincent said...

good luck!

Jennifer Mensink said...


Did you get my email? Good luck during the upcoming race. What is the deal with accommodations for the 2nd? Do I need to reserve something?


Anonymous said...

Have a Great race Lisa!

Aaahhh...I was dreaming of Noosa reading your list!

xo Janet

Hua said...

Hello Lisa!

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Anonymous said...

Good Luck Lisa!!