Thursday, August 20, 2009

Round 5: Lisa vs The Kelowna Apple Triathlon

I leave Friday to race at the Kelowna Apple Triathlon. This will be my fifth time racing in Kelowna. Here is the tally from the previous 4 races:

2004: I was racing my first "full season" of age-group racing. The night before, the skies opened up! I could hardly sleep listening to the pouring rain. In the morning it was still wet and there were threatening clouds overhead. We went down the race start to set up transition (now a mud pit) and headed to the lake. The race had been ruled non-wetsuit, so I left mine in the hotel. 10' before the start, they changed their minds, wetsuits were allowed...everyone bolted for transition...I had none and was left standing on the beach freezing. Then there was a lightening strike, they ended up canceling the race due to 'unsafe conditions'.

Round 1 Score: Mother Nature 1, Lisa 0, Apple Tri 0

2005: I entered the race as an Elite. I had a sloppy transition and missed the front bike pack by a hair. It was a hot run, I ran a 42' 10k and finished 14th. After the race, once we arrived at my parents hotel parking lot, I bolted from the car and puked all over the driveway! I had to lie down for an hour while my heat stroke (or whatever it was) subsided before we could drive home!

Round 2 Score: Apple Tri 1, Lisa 0

Me running in 2005, black probably wasn't the best choice....
2006: Again, I entered the ITU points race this year. I had a solid swim and Mary Beth Ellis, my 2009 Timex teammate, and I built up a solid lead on the bike. Onto the run, I was experimenting with some new race shoes and got the most painful blisters I have ever had! I could barely tolerate each step. MB passed me and then I was passed on the last lap, finishing off with an excruciating 40' 10k split for 3rd place, some prize money, and bloody feet. I could barely stand to wear flip-flops for 2 weeks!

Round 3 Score: Lisa 1, My Evil Shoes 1, Apple Tri 0

Me and MB on the bike:
2007: Once again, I entered the ITU points race. This time I had a strong swim, solid bike and cruised home for the win (without bleeding feet) with a 38' 10k split!

Round 4 Score: Lisa 1, Apple Tri 0
The tally: Lisa 2, Apple Tri 1, Mother Nature 1, My Evil Shoes 1
Up Next? Round 5 on's a tight race, stay tuned to find out who wins this one!!


Louie said...

Good luck Lisa - go kick some butt!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck this week-end Lisa. Hope you got rid of those nasty shoes!!
We'll be cheering you on.

Anonymous said...

Kick some ass on Sunday. You'll have Tegan and I cheering for you on the women race...I totally regret not bringing my Netherland jersey with me now!

Thanks for cheering at the Aquathlon today.


Anonymous said...

Love the post! Had a good laugh remembering the past few years of the apple tri...ahhhh the T4 racers!!! I wish I was there but the swim would have killed me! Hope you had a great day out there!