Sunday, July 19, 2009

Iceland or maybe Greenland & the Bee Killer...

Well, what have I been up to since Kitzbuhel?

I finished 17th there by the way, not too bad for a World Championship, but not where I wanted to finish. It all came together on the bike (making it a runners day) and I had a rough first 5k running, lost contact with a group of runners, and then went from 23rd to 17th in the last 5k. Too bad, if I just held onto the group in front of me for the first 5k, it would have been possible for a top 12 finish.

Then, I made the journey over the atlantic back to North America this week. Maddy and my bag decided to stay an extra day in Frankfurt. I've been recovering in Calgary from my month long travel & the races.

Richard and I went to the Stampeders football game on Friday. That's Canadian football, not American (different rules and field size), European (soccer) or Australian (rugby)!

Ralph the dog--the Stamps mascot, roughing up a Toronto fan...macots scare's those giant eyes...I don't trust them!

Richard and I enjoying the game...well the first half anyway. We road our bikes to the game and left during half time since my body is still adjusting to the Mountain time zone...I think I'm somewhere between Iceland and Greenland right now!

The weekend was a return to training which I have been looking forward to! Coach threw me right back into it with a 4.5hour ride!! Today, mile repeats & and a lake swim....Ouch! I asked for it!
I was riding soooo fast that I killed a bee and it stuck to my frame! I also got one to the cheek....the bees were suicidal yesterday!

That's all I got for today. Hope everyone is enjoying the summer sun!


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Katya said...

HUGE congrats on your back to back to back to back races. (Did I get that right?) You are amazing!! Still upset that you took your swim back, but it is YOURS, after all. Killer run @ the Euro Champs. Good luck in Calgary. . .wish i was gonna be there to witness the fun: ) xo