Friday, July 10, 2009

Home Stretch!

Has it been that long already? A month of travel and races? I swear I haven't been counting the days until I get to go home see Richard, friends and family and sleep in my own, not too hard-not too soft bed with comfortable pillows....soon my back will be happy again!

For now, it is time to concentrate on Kitzbuhel, the site of the 4th race in the ITU World Championship Series. Since Korea and DC didn't exactly go as planned, I have some catching up to do in the ITU points division! So, I'm excited for a good day on Sunday. I raced this course in 2007 and just love it here! It is such a cute ski town, I may have to get Richard out here one day!

Here are some pics of my last week and a bit in Europe:

Our accommodations in Holten, a 'bungalow park', very kid friendly as you can see from the super cool play ground!

After Holten I had a quick family visit up in the north of the Netherlands in Groningen. It was windy there, flat and lots of farms, kind of reminded me of Saskatchewan (with out the sea of course!)--Aunt Toni on the sea wall:

Some of my family was on vacation camping, so we took a drive to visit them:

Some interesting Dutch 'treats'. They tried make me eat some smoked eel....No thanks, I'll leave that for my Dad to eat! What the heck is this thing and who would eat it?!

Toni's beautiful garden:
Now, after a cancelled flight and a detour through Paris (I think we could have driven here faster!), I'm in the beautiful ski village of Kitzbuhel!
Someone's lawn ornament, sorry Richard, no room in my bag to take one of these home...though I think it would look lovely in the front yard (over the patch of grass that won't grow!).

Race day is Sunday at 4pm (late!) European time, so those in NA won't have to wake up in the wee hours to watch! Tomorrow is the men's race, so I'll be watching that and testing out the waters, no ruling on wetsuits yet, the water temp is just at the limit now.
2 more days until race day!! Ready to rock it!
Good luck to everyone racing this weekend! Go Team Lifesport at the Vancouver Half--wish I could be there racing with you guys--Miss ya!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa,
What do you mean, no smoked eel for you? You don't know what you are missing!!! My mouth waters just thinking about it. Really nice to see the pics of the relatives and scenery, thanks for putting those in your blog.
I'm glad we don't have to get up at 3 in the morning to watch this race, you can bet we'll be cheering you on!!
Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa
Way to go in your last race. Can't wait to see you in a top 10 finish again this weekend! Looking forward to watching you in Calgary for the half and then chilling with you at VB! Brock and I will have our sharpie markers out again for more Team Lisa shirts :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa, Missed out on the eel, and was that fish in the other photo. Oma thought it looked like Schol (sp?) and her mouth was watering. Have a good race in Kitzbuhl, I'll be working and Oma will be in the air off to New Brunswick and Newfoundland, but we will both be thinking of you.

BreeWee said...

we miss you...

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa,

Looking forward to having you home.

Miss you,