Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fast & Furious!

It's been nice being back home for a bit. I had a couple days recovery and then it was back at 'er. I've been working more of the 'speed' these days, so the workouts are tough and action packed but much shorter!
Here are a few things I got done on my short stop home: I made a whole wheat pizza crust, it was yummy...yes, that's a whole lot of spinach on top--it shrinks down to nothing after cooking! I also attempted whole wheat buns too, those turned out to be (in Richard's words) 'dense'...they could be used as a weapon...need to work on that recipe!
It's been really nice in Calgary, so I took my core and strength workout outdoors.
I also had a few spare hours to catch up with family and a few friends (not nearly enough time though!). Noah just woke up, he was too tired to fight me snuggling with him!
Now, the ITU race season is back on for me. Coach and I have made the decision to do 4 races in a row. So, it will be a fast and furious month of travelling and racing for me--Washington DC, Des Moines, European Championships in Holten (Netherlands), and finishing it off with a stop in Kitzbuhel Austria.

Should be fun!! I'll try to keep you up to date on my whereabouts over the next few weeks!


CathyZ said...

Great new Life Sport photo! Happy to hear you recovered well off of your 3rd 70.3 of the year. Strong race in the Rev3, tough field. Congrats! I will make sure I have an ice bath tub for you next year. Or if you come stay for a month to train during the Calgary winter the ice bath will remind you of home. The pizza looks yummy. BTW-My dense biscuits are better known as hockey pucks at our house. Happy Training Trails and Kick Butt in your races. Good Luck Lisa!
Be Safe! Be Well! We will be cheering you on. Hugs, Cathy

Anonymous said...

Noah likes his picture. He thinks he is handsome.

Anonymous said...

That's a pretty intense race schedule you rest for the wicked!
Good luck on your upcoming races!!
And yes, Noah is right he is handsome