Friday, March 20, 2009

Offerings to the Biking Gods....

Where did I leave off? I'm not even sure...let me read...oh yeah, recovery long ago that seems! Here is a pic of our recovery swim that day...all smiles!Me and my bike (yet to be named) are still not getting along all that well. Tuesday was a big set; a hill repeat/TT bike followed by 8x1mile repeats off the bike. I rode the entire ride with a insanely high HR and couldn't seem to get it to settle down. My TT was less than stellar, so I was hoping for a decent run set. To my surprise my legs felt strong on the run set and I had a great set of miles, so the day was not lost. Wednesday was supposed to be a hilly 4 hour ride, I was actually looking forward to this ride. Right from the start my bike started making a noise that was not good and I was forced to detour to the bike shop for a quick fix, leaving me riding solo for 4 hours! It turned out to be good quality time with me and my TT bars...but I still had a noise coming from my bike while I rode. So, I took my bike into the shop AGAIN the next day and found out that my rear quick release was broken (maybe from my fall?) and my wheel was not being held in correctly, rubbing on my brake pads and making the noise! I'm not sure if the Hawaiians have a Goddess of bike (like Pele the Goddess of fire) but I have been giving her offerings and praying to her a lot lately...

There was also a few swims mixed with those above workouts, nothing earth shattering going on in the pool, loving the open water though. Today involved a triple workout. An early morning interval workout that I would like to forget...I nearly tossed my cookies and my legs felt like cement from the first interval--I just toughed this one out, we followed this up with a ride where my HR was way too high in warm up but a humpback whale waved it's fin at me when I rode by...and then a 10x400 pull set in the pool. Good times. Love it.

Nothing like a training camp to kick your butt into gear. I think I'm suffering a bit from the 10-day hitting of the "Wall" (made it to day 11, see my January post on "the wall").

Tomorrow is another day of long riding. Please join me in offering Cadence, the Goddess of the Bike, a little lube or a spare tire. Perhaps she will be in a good mood tomorrow and give me a crash free, mechanical free, strong legs and safe ride!!




Kelly M said...

Congrats on the win Lisa! Good luck this weekend in the 70.3
Kelly, Brian and Sam

Kelly Matthews said...

Great race today Auntie Lisa!