Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kona...Up, Up, & Busted!

Well I made it to Kona on the worlds smallest plane. I didn't see them put my bike onto the plane and was a little concerned when the pilots walked us out onto the tarmac to our plane. Then when we finally landed and I looked at the luggage hatch, I thought for sure they left it on the runway! But to my surprise they managed to wedge it in there! There was some stunning views of Haleakala, I'll have to come back and actually bike it next year!

The pilot walking us to the single prop Cessna! Bridget, I should have gotten you to fly me there!
Goodbye Paia!
Haleakala from the plane.
Ancient lava cool is that!
Hello Big Island!
That's a tight fit!
Once on the Big Island we had a couple 'recovery' days which included a 5500m open water swim set with 3x1k efforts!! Then it was back to business. A climb up Koloko (Lance Armstrong biked it this year). It's one steep hill--some @17-20% grades...nasty!
The start of the climb:
Here's where I got evidence of coach giving me a push! It was the sweetest 3 seconds of the ride! I did witness the pushing of another fellow rider but there is no evidence... Me 'postmaning' it (cutting the slope by going side to side) to make the last final few meters of the climb!
The gang at the top! Not sure, but I think I beat Lance's time up or was very close anyway!
A QUICK descent and then off to the track for a set of 800's...ouch!
The day wasn't complete until we finished with a swim in the dark...I was a bit dazed and confused for this swim!
Today involved another open water session, I love swimming out here, and then a 16-17mile run on the ironman course. Here is my favourite running buddy, Mags, and I hitting the water station on the highway:
Few....that was a long post. I'm exhausted! Or in Dutch..Ik ben doodop! Time for bed. 5 hour ride on the ironman bike course tomorrow but before that a 6am dip in the pool! That should have my legs feeling fresh for the local Lavaman race on the weekend...Love it.
Hope all is well! Miss you all!


Louie said...

Oh, a geologist at heart you still are... "ancient lava flows..."
Great to see you doing what you enjoy the best - training in paradise!!

henk said...

Hi Lisa,

gefeliciteerd Lava(wo)man


Lisa G said...

Hey lisa! congrats on your win at the Lavaman!! And good luck at the Oceanside 70.3 race next weekend - kick some butt!