Monday, March 9, 2009


After a 1.45 hour delay in Calgary, I've made it Vancouver and currently waiting for my flight to Maui, for a training camp, in the AC lounge. After circumnavigating the world last year, I managed to finally gain 'elite' status with AC, so I'm taking full advantage of it!!

It was -25 in Calgary this morning....I'll report back the temperature in Maui once I get there. should be a good 50 degree swing in temperature in 1 day. I'm looking forward to get back into training, this past week was a recovery week and I ended up getting sick, so my training was pretty minimal. Hopefully I can get back to where I left off before the bug, I hate being sick!!

I'll report back once I get into a routine in Maui!
Stay warm!


Anonymous said...

How much did you have to pay for the empty bike box? Hopefully your Elite status came in handy there too! See you soon!
PS: I wish you were here....i'm too scared to swim in the ocean alone after my run in with the Eagle Ray last time. I got in for about 5 minutes today but then quickly got out....seriously I swam for 5 minutes! I even entered it in training peaks!

Louie said...

Please say Aloha to Maui for us... you lucky girl - have fun in Hawaii!!