Monday, March 2, 2009

Lisa Likes.....

I stole this idea from another Triathletes blog. Apparently it's something that is going around Facebook (I wouldn't know since I don't 'do' Facebook). Since I seem to only know how to post about how much winter sucks, I thought this might be fun instead! You just google your name+likes, ex. Lisa likes... and see what comes up. I didn't click on any of the links though...

First here is an actual list of what 'Lisa likes about winter'...trying to be positive here!!

Lisa likes....(about winter)...

  • crisp, clear blue Alberta skies when I am out running, no lack of sunshine here in the winter!
  • the view of the snow capped mountains to the west during the clear days.
  • Right after a big snowfall when everything is covered in white.
  • kicking off the snowy-slushy-dirty buildup on my car mud flaps (if you live in a cold climate, you know what I mean!)
  • all the winter sports I've put on hold the last few years (so I don't injure myself!), backcountry skiing, downhill, tobogganing, ect.
  • wearing my wool socks and sweaters that were put away last spring
  • that moment when you notice that the days are getting happened to me a few weeks ago after leaving the oval after a run workout. It made me smile!

Now my googled 'Lisa likes....'

  • Lisa likes to woogie
  • Lisa likes Rock N' Roll lyrics
  • Lisa likes Bon Jovi
  • Lisa likes my shovel skills
  • Lisa likes London and lunch and lullabies
  • Lisa likes Blue Duck Tavern
  • Lisa likes to have fun outside (this is true!)
  • Lisa likes the banana pancakes

Not sure what a woogie is and not really a fan of Bon Jovi but I think I like the rest! I'll have to find this Blue Duck Tavern!

Training is going well. I'm onto a recovery week....finally a couple days were I don't have to run!! My legs need a break after 2 big weeks back to back! I officially finished off at NuVista last week, so I guess I'm officially an unemployed triathlete-bum! Excellent!

7 more days (onto single digits now!!)



henk said...

Lisa likes Henk's salmon :-)

All the best in Hawaii and kick some, so you get all the goals you set for tri season 2009!


Lisa G said...

Exciting news that you get to train full time now! The Lisa likes thing is funny, too! No use in me doing it now as we have the same name!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lisa!!!
Full time Triathlete....Awesome!!
Have fun training in Hawaii,. At least you get to escape this miserable winter weather that we can't seem to shake (-34 with the windchill here this a.m.).
Good Luck and all the Best!!

BreeWee said...

WATCH out 70.3 chics... LISA is FULL time now... yAHOOOOOoooo! Congrats, don't worry, you won't be a bum forever, you got what it takes to win a race, lots of em' and you can pay the bill$!!

Seriously, all joking aside, I really don't think its safe to live in that cold of weather, its bad, really bad if you ask me...
AND that game.... Rach taught me the rules, Bree Likes is NOT a rated "G" game... no way will I ever google that again! Apparently there are 3 Bree porn stars, not fun google material!