Sunday, December 7, 2008

Winter Wonderland!

Well, we finally got the winters first big snow in Calgary (still snowing...). It made my group run fun and slippery this morning, but still a great workout and only one girl fell!
Richard and our latest boarder Katie (we have her for a week) shovelling the snow:
Snow filled branches in out backyard:
Hopefully the snow will stay (at least in the mountains!!)....cross-country ski time!!



henk said...

Hi Lisa,
probably the snow is gone by now, Calgary 4 degrees today....but I saw the forcast for coming weekend in Calgary....-20 degrees. I thought it was cold overhere with zero degrees, but better not to go outside next weekend in Calgary....:-)


Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa,
Nice to see you keeping up with your the pics, especially the one of your Mom and Dad with the wigs(now you know what to get them for xmas)
I imagine you won't be doing any outside running with this deep freeze....take care and stay warm!!