Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Happy 35th!

Well, my parents 35th anniversary was a month ago, but since my Dad has been jet-setting to all sorts of balmy destinations the last few weeks (Grand Prairie & Yellowknife), we only found time for a dinner this past weekend! We picked a restaurant that we thought would keep Noah entertained....Here's the gang...Here Noah is not too happy...he was a little suspicious of the chef guy (see flames to the right) was I...the fake Japanese accent was a bit too much!!
Sorry Dad, had to post this one too! I think my sister specifically picked this place just to have my parents put on the well used 'wigs' and dance around!! It was pretty funny!

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad (one month late!)!!! We'll do something that doesn't involve fake accents, flames, and dancing for the 40th!!

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JDM said...

hmm, mom wanted me to post a comment and to say LOL, about grandma and grandpas pic,so laugh out loud!
Craig says you have too much free time on your hands. Got my report card and got good grades . . i guess and the camping trip teacher says we can go again ! haha jk,
the Mensink MacEwen clan.