Monday, August 18, 2008

Just a quick update....

...swim the damage, body bruised and sore, got back on the bike...I didn't come all this way and do all this work not to finish! Not the way I wanted it to go but at least I have a good story and I FINISHED the damn thing!

Will post more later, I have to clean out the road rash wounds and get the chain and tire marks off me...not sure who's bike they were from!!

Thanks for all the posts and e-mails. Hopefully Sander will have a better day for the Dutch!

Wounded Lisa


Bruce Stewart (施樸樂) (ブルース・スチュワート) said...

I saw a summary version of the race on TV in Taiwan (about three minutes long) and they showed the crash. I thought I recognized your orange and black suit as someone was sitting on the ground (so if you look closely you may find out whose teeth marks are on your legs). It is a pity, but I guess that cannot be helped. I think you did well to decide to finish. At least you can say you did it even though your time was compromised. Well, you have just under four years to train for the next one... Well done, I am sure Bree is proud of you.

Shannon Keith Wicks said...

Hi Lisa,

I have been following along your blog this past year (found it thru Greg Bradley's site).

Anyways, I stayed up to watch the race last night on TV..saw the crash...glad to see you are OK and great to see you finished.

Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Lisa!

I stayed up late watching the race on the internet and was so proud of you! I didn't actually see the crash but they did cut back to show the results of it. I saw you get back up and on that bike! The determination and grit was inspiring! I'm sure the result wasn't exactly what you had in mind at the beginning of the race but you still crossed finish line at the Olympics! The old Simpson Avenue crew in Winnipeg are very proud of you!


Bruce Stewart (施樸樂) (ブルース・スチュワート) said...

I forgot to write that I am sorry what happened (regarding the crash). However, the whole experience of being there and competing must be fantastic, and I doubt if London in 2012 could ever be the same. Hope you can stay in Beijing a bit longer to see more events, and start learning Chinese, as it may become the most important language next to English!

Louie said...

Lisa, we were watching the whole event on the TV and on the live stream on the internet - we were on the edge of our seats when we saw the crash & saw that you were in the middle of it (I'm sure the neighbours heard us yelling)!! But you got back on that bike and finished the race and THAT is what makes you such an amazing athlete.
You are such a great inspiration, you are what the Olympic games are about - we're so proud of you - you did great!

Shan, Kevin and Alex

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Lisa! We watched your event last night and we were filled with pride (for Canada and for Holland). You embody great athleticism and determination, especially after watching as you got back up and on that bike bruised and all, to finish the race! The true spirit of an Olympian.

Barb & Con Sprenger

Anonymous said...

great job!!!! you showed some real grit finishing after that... you and kyle M now have matching road rash


Jen&Brent said...

Amazing job Lisa!! You are so inspiring for finishing the race. During the swim, I couldn't believe how close together everyone was. And the bike...was so tense during the crash. I kept thinking of how the run must have been in that heat. Some of the athletes sure looked exausted and in rough shape afterwards. You are so incredible!! Way to go.

Jen Chmilar

John (former Kronos member) Fisera said...

Congratulations Lisa - way to finish the journey despite being involved in the crash. Watched the race last night on TV - it looked hot out there!

Amber Dawn said...

Congrats on being an Olympian!
I saw the crash and knew you were the one in the orange helmet. What an exciting day, and maybe even some scars to remember it by??
You are a huge inspiration to me, thanks for sharing the journey via blog, and have some fun celebrating your HUGE accomplishment!

Flatman said...

Congrats Lisa!!! Great job out there even with the crash!!!

BreeWee said...

LISA! I was glued to the computer and I KNEW you would keep going, I just knew it!! Hey, you are STILL an Olympian- woooohooooo! Darn that bike wreck! But it takes a champion to get back up! 2012??

Anonymous said...


What grit. You are a true Olympian. We watched the race, but didn't pick you out in the crash. When I saw the results, I knew you were in it! But you finished. Way to go girl. And thanks for the great accounts and "finishing the damn thing".

Bruce & Marsha

Anonymous said...

Dear Lisa,
You reached the finish and this was an act of pure bravery after the nasty bikeaccident.
You deserve a Olympic medal for endeavour, endurance and courage.
We hope your injuries, both physical and mentally, will mend soon
Love and kisses,
Fred, Marian and your fans Imme and Floor.

The Praught's said...

Hi Lisa:
We were shocked when we saw the bike crash last night & held our breathe waiting on news of you. Thank goodness you didn't break any body parts. It must've been most difficult to get up & finish the race. WELL DONE! You have made The Netherlands, Canada & all who have known you extremely proud.
Enjoy the rest of your Olympic experience. We hope you aren't too sore today.
Gary & Sheila

Anonymous said...

Hey Lis
So stoked to watch you on the TV last night. The CBC mentioned your name when you were holding tight in the chase pack - Lisa Mensink, a Canadian living in Calgary, racing for the Netherlands. We whooped and cheered. There's a great picture of you and the chase pack on I can pick out that orange stripe anywhere now! Sucks about the crash, we were almost in tears, but more so in tears to see you finish the damn thing. So proud to be your friend.

Jennifer Mensink said...

I love Javier and Bjorn! Fantastic job kid! So many people were texting and phoning last night, it was like I was in the Olympics! I can't even expre4ss how cool it was to watch my sister on the internet!(and it wasn't a video that is questionable!) Awesome job! Your MENSINK ass has never looked better!


Anonymous said...


seeing your orange helment in the mishmash of bikes on the ground brought me back to when you went over the hood of the that green van at the uni a few years ago. knowing how you toughed that one out, i knew you'd be crossing that line yesterday. [i guess you even have to practice crashing.]

so proud of your race, your finish...and your journey to get there!


Anonymous said...

Lisa - I admire your strength and spirit, first of all for fighting until the very end for your spot on the team and secondly for finishing the race in spite of the crash.

Janna Gillick

Minh said...

Lisa, congrats for finishing the race! Bridget and I were watching the race on TV and the net. The crash was bad luck, but you were awesome. I'm glad you continued on after the crash! Let's go for Big Mac's and Blizzards when you get back to Calgary! Congrats again!!!

Eileen Swanson said...

Lis, so sorry about the darn crash, but WAY TO BE SUPER TOUGH and finish! Wow, your first Olympics, maybe more to come ;-) Congratulations, so cool being an Olympian!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa:
Kudos to you for finishing the race after the unfortunate crash! Glad to hear you are okay. It took real grit and determination to get back on your bike and finish.
I read Clarice your blog this a.m. She sends their congrats and a big hug! She says you don't need one of those 5 ring tattoos to show you are an Olympian because you have the battle scars to prove it!!
Warm wishes!
Carol and André

Jesse Morrow said...

Tugh crash there at the turn, but I'm glad you finished! There were a couple of shots of you on US tV leading the chase pack on bike.

Congrats on your olympic experience. And thanks for your blog showing how the real olympic athlete lives; its been great following it.


Ena said...

Hi Lisa,
I'm a friend of Shannon's and saw Louie's blog where they're rooting for you so I had a look and found your name on the Olympic website as well! So sorry to hear about the crash but I agree that you're a great athlete for finishing the race. Hope you heal soon :)

Anonymous said...

Great job Lisa ... only person we've ever known who's been good enough to get to the Olympics. A great amount of dedication and effort on your part - we're all proud of you. Bill Irene Andrea and Wendy