Sunday, August 17, 2008

Christmas Eve...

The last couple days of training have been fairly light. Saturday was a trip out to the course and the pre race meeting. Since it was mandatory to come to the meeting, all the athletes were there, it was fun to see everyone and how they were handling the pressures of the games. A lot of the athletes are staying closer to the course, so I haven't really seen too many of them until yesterday. In the meeting we also drew our pontoon start position...I found this a little stressful as we only had 20 seconds to choose! I ended up with #46 on the left side, near some good swimmers. Guess we'll see race day if it was a good choice!
The night before the race and I'm feeling pretty good about it. I'm not really nervous, which is good, and I've done all I can do to be ready. I'm not going into this as a pre-race favourite, so that takes a bit of the pressure off. I'm just going to go out there and do what I know I can! Not much else to add, so here are some more pictures to keep the readers happy!

Here is a shot of the pre-race formal! Here is my bike all ready to go with my race # and Jingjing riding it!Here is my foreshadowing shot...practicing my post-race medallist interview....hey, you can never be too prepared!Here are couple shots for fun....the 50m pool at the OV, the guys at the end were having 'swim races'...note all the bikinis in the background! Makes it tough to concentrate on your workout when everyone else is suntanning an goofing around! That will be me after tomorrow morning though! Ahh, and my favourite! These two speedo clad chaps (Javier and Bjorn is what I call them!) are on all the AC units around the village! I think they are hilarious! Don't tell anyone but I just had to peel one off and stuck it on my bike box....

One more sleep until race day!!! It's like Christmas eve!!




Anonymous said...


Zet hem, we duimen voor je!!
Je kunt het! heel veel mensen om mij heen hebben er vertrouwen in dat je tot iets unieks in staat bent!

We zien je morgenavond wel bij Mart op TV met je medaille ;-)

doe je ding, dan heb je gedaan wat je moest doen!


Een supporter!

henk said...

Als het goed is slaap je nu, 3 uur Beijing tijd en over een uur of 7 is het zover...het allerbeste gewenst.

Nog een compliment dat je je blog zo geweldig hebt bijgehouden de laatste week!! Was elke dag heel interessant te lezen wat je meemaakt en hoe je toeleeft naar die belangrijke wedstrijd.

Go Lisa Go


The Praught's said...

We're so happy your hard work has taken you to the Beijing Olympics. That in itself is awesome.
Looking forward to watching & cheering you on, from our seats in Edmonton.
Cheers :0)
Gary & Sheila Praught

Dolphin Boy said...

Cheers from Hawaii. We are excited for you. Have a fantastic race!!

Dolphin Boy

Tegan Owens said...

Have a great race Lisa!

Louie said...

Have a great race Lisa - our Holland flag is hung in the window - we have our orange gear ready to wear and we are counting down the hours until the race starts. We are so with you there in spirit!!!

GO LISA GO!! Kick butt girl!
Shan, Kevin, and Alex

Jennifer Mensin said...

I can't wait! Go Auntie Lisa go! WE LOVE YOU AND ARE SENDING YOU LUCK FROM ACROSS THE POND! Give 'er hell and ride llike you have never rode before!

Anonymous said...

About 40 minutes to race time and I'm sitting patiently at my computer hoping I can figure out how to watch the race live! Good luck and give'm hell!


jaime said...

Hey Lis!

Good luck! We're all watching here in Edmonton and so proud of you!

Jaime (Mel & Deb)

Bruce said...


I was officiating Lake Chaparral this morning and during the prerace meeting, I announced that Calgary's own Lisa Mensink would be racing 'a little race' in Beijing tonight, there was a huge applause! Go get them!

Rick Grimm said...

You rock, Aunty Lisa! Kick some serious ass in China! xoxo Rick :-)

ps - I had a layover in your natal Winnipeg today on my way home. Oooooh.

JDM said...

i'm soo sorry about the race!
but at least you were in the olympics, right?
ne way one spelling you meant
Good job.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa,
I know you must be heartbroken (as I was for you)after being involved in that crash, you were doing very well. But, you finished the race and that is AWESOME!! That shows what kind of true athlete you really are.....lots of heart. We are very proud of you Lisa, well done!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
Good for you for finishing the race !!! CBC mentioned your name at the beginning , as a Canadian competing for Holland. We followed your race, and you were well placed until the crash. I was almost sure you were involved, although we could not see your number. Hope you weren't hurt. Apparently, the Canadian girl broke her wrist. Too bad, but at least you were able to finish the race. And you will have a good story to tell for many years to come... the Olympic crash, watched by billions !!!
I looked out for your mom and dad, but could not see them in the audience.Say hi to them from us.
For us, you are an Olympic champion !!!
Louise jackson

Jennifer Mensink said...


Wat to go! You should be so proud, you finished a race in the olympics! What a life altering experience! I will see you in Calgary!


Randy said...

Hey Lisa, this is from your cousin, Randy, I don't really like it when my mom posts comments on this site because I'd like to put it in my own words. Anyways, I watched your race and I'm sooo sorry about the crash but you still finished the race and you made it to the olympics (which is for the best of the best) and THATS TOTAllY BADASS!!!! :-)

You did great,

Randy said...
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Randy said...

What i meant at the beginning was that i hate it when my mom posts the comments for everybody because i'd like to do my own :-)

Dolphin Boy said...

You are an Olympian! Congrats! Once an Olympian always an Olympian!

Every single female that lined up at the start line is the best in the world! You should be very proud.

We followed your race online in Hawaii. It was the best coverage of all tri races ever!

Dolphin Boy.

Mikey said...

Hey Lisa,

It's your cousin Mike. I watched the whole race from start to finish, and want to congratulate you on your finish. I know how hard it must of been for you, but our hearts are there with you in Beijing. Don't forget us back in Saskatoon, because we all send our love. For me, you are a source of pride and inspiration, no matter what place you finish! I was so proud today, telling people about my Olympiad cousin. I know you won't give up, and that makes me all the more proud of you for what you have accomplished. Take care, and I hope to talk to you when you get back to Canada.
Yours truly,
P.S. Don't be afraid to give me a call, I like getting them from celebrities!
(306)341-3538 Hope to hear from you soon.

Iron Greg said...

True Olympic Spirit!!!! Get up, dust yourself off, and finish what you started!!! You are a huge inspiration to everyone!!! :)

henk said...

Kop op Lisa! Dat zal moeilijk zijn, maar het is zoals het is.

At 4 in the morning we were infront of our TV and saw it all. That crash was too mutch and took all the energy. We were proud that you finished.


Flatman said...

I wnat one of those stickers!!! :)

Rick Grimm said...

I don't have TV so I couldn't watch the race. Perhaps things didn't turn out as well as you'd hoped, but that doesn't stop me from thinking you're an amazing athlete. For the next Olympics, I promise I'll get cable... just for you!