Tuesday, July 8, 2008

It's Official!!!!!!!

It's official, just got the word and all my oranje gear!


Astrid, Stephen & Matt said...


Anonymous said...

That is great news....I can't wait to see the gear!


BreeWee said...

That is too darn cool! Do you like orange? I told EVERYONE, I mean EVERYONE in the gym this morning that I have a "friend" racing in the Olympics, I felt so cool! I think they wanted my autograph just cause I know you!
Have fun day dreaming, eating, thinking, breathing, "Olympics"... you are so there! E-N-J-O-Y it all!

Anonymous said...

We always knew you deserved to go to Beijing. Take lots of pictures in your oranje gear. OH, I can't WAIT to see what you look like! We are sooooo happy for you and soooo PROUD of you !!!

Lisa...the OLYMPIAN...
Wow...I love the sound of that!
That is yours FOREVER !!

A + P

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, I'll be cheering you on the whole way.

Astrid, Stephen & Matt said...

I forgot to ask ... do you actually get orange wooden shoes like the doll?! I guess you should start planning your Olympic tattoo ... Olympic rings on a wooden shoe?

You know what they say...

You ain't much if you ain't dutch!

From one dutch girl to another!

JackTheLad said...

Fantastic news!!
I will be sending you all my good thoughts. What a rich experience you're in for!!

Iron Greg said...

Way to go Lisa!!! You rock!!!
When are you back in Calgary?

henk said...

Hi Lisa,

fantastic, Lisa at the Olympics!
Nice to read al the stuff about "wooden shoes" and "orange".

And the best qoute: "You ain't much if you ain't dutch!"
Nice to read that as someone living in the Netherlands and being dutch.
I have to remember that one!
All the best the coming weeks and the best race of your life in Beijing.
Oranje boven!
Hup Holland hup, laat de leeuw niet in zijn hempie staan!
We keep in touch

groet Henk

JDM said...

heyy, guess what grandpa, told us there a barbaque at OUR house, he told us! but it for u YAY so AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

Congratulation Lisa
Work with your Dad at the PLC and have been following your blog for awhile. It has been interesting watching your journey. Way to go! A well earned berth to the Olympics!!!! Will be watching and cheering you as you race in Bejing.

HeWhoKnowsAll said...

Hey Lisa! Congrats on making the team!!! You rock! It was great training with you in Victoria. You should come train with us more often! Good luck in Beijing, I'll be cheering for you.


Alister said...

Well done Lisa.

All that hard work has paid off and now you're an Olympian!

Be very proud

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Lisa!!!!!!! Looking forward to seeing you in Orange at the Olympics!
Louise & Gary, Michael, Jesse and Randy

Dan Smith said...

That's such fantastic news Lisa. Down to the wire and you put the race together - great work.

Jen&Brent said...

WOW! Huge Congrats Lisa. I'll be cheering for you!! What an amazing experience it's going to be.

Lance Watson said...

That is so great. I totally commend you and coach Paul for overcoming all hurdles thrown your way and fulfilling a lifelong dream! You are a legend!


Anonymous said...


This is your coach. This is an amazing accomplishment and I believe that you would have made the team for any country. You truly earned this spot by continuing to improve as an athlete and the Dutch are fortunate to have you (and it has been great to see them support you). This is the quote that I used in our press release:

“We are extremely proud of Lisa, it has been so rewarding to see her evolve into a world-class athlete. Her commitment to going to the Olympics has been unrivalled. She quit her job, incurred great expense, battled injury, relocated to train all over the world, traveled relentlessly from country to country for races, embraced and trusted the training, nailed the details like a true professional, and most of all worked hard and persevered.”

We will take it another level in Beijing.


Jennifer Mensink said...

I guess you didn't talk to dad before the race? It is time you start blackballing him from now on since it worked so well! Maybe stop speaking to him altogether. Hee-hee, jk, dad. Congrats little sis, I knew you could do it. No one is as stubborn as you!


Anonymous said...

Heel goed. Unbelievable. I/we can't say anymore than what coach Paul said. Job well done and well deserved. Don't listen to Jenn otherwise Beijing is out for us!
Gefiliciteerd op je selectie!

Mom and Dad M

Lucy said...

Congrats on making the Olympics! What a fabulous affirmation of your efforts. e. You get to the Olympics and you get to go in style....nobody else wears orange!

Best wishes for Beijing!


Mike "Chewy" said...

WOW...an Olympian!!! Way to go Lisa! Congrats!!!

I'm bringing a Netherland flag with me to Beijing to cheer you on!!! Best wishes.

Bruce Stewart (施樸樂) (ブルース・スチュワート) said...

Congratulations! I had occasionally looked at your blog through my friend Bree's blog and wanted to find out if you had made it to the Olympics - and you had. Beste groeten!

Kyle Marcotte said...

Congrats Lisa! We will be excited to watch and cheer you on!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa

We are all so happy for you - finally - you're dream is coming true. Maybe you can start coaching Julianne when you retire in a few years. She's a water baby - just loves it - and is already starting to run (if you hold her hands!). All the best in Beijing - we'll be rooting for you.


Anonymous said...

Heh if you do get a tattoo...I'm the guy to do it after all I'm a cyclist and a tattoo artist. Ask your Oma about me. I'm pretty good at it. Up to you and besides you have more important things on your mind right now then tattoos but if you want those rings when you get back to Canada, there on me......take care.

Tegan Owens said...

Way to go Lisa! Me and my parents are so proud and happy for you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa,
Wow, you've shown all of us how hard work and perseverance can bring tremendous rewards. Your accomplishments are truly Olympian!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Olympian!!! Way to follow your dream and see it through...I've been following your blog and am so impressed - way to go! I'll be cheering for you in Beijing!


Louie said...

Congratulations Lisa!!! We are so very proud of you and we'll be cheering you on. Kevin says he's going to hang the Netherlands Flag in our front window - he usually only hangs it for when Holland plays in soccer matches.

YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!
Shan, Kevin and Alex

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Lisa!

Your dad has been keeping us in the loop about your Olympic aspirations and we're so proud that they're coming true!

Good luck and enjoy the experience!

Wendy (Kraayeveld) Christie

Bjorn Paree said...

Geweldig !! Hoewel ik het sportnieuws richting Beijing zo goed mogelijk probeer te volgen las ik vandaag dat ook jij naar Beijing gaat !! Alsnog Van Harte met de kwalificatie & Heel veel succes op de Olympische Spelen.

Heb er officieel nog geen kaartjes voor maar volgens mij moet het redelijk eenvoudig zijn om de je bij de Triatlon in Beijing aan te moedigen. Heb maandag 18/08 tussen 10:00 en 12:45 voor je vrij gehouden !! Tot in Beijing !!!

Anonymous said...

Great Job... its gotta be almost surreal given all the years of swimming ... remember the animal lane? Keep it up Lisa we are all cheering for you... I'll see you at canmore