Tuesday, June 24, 2008

To summarize...

.....not my day. Swim okay, second lap a little weak. Bike, something not right, legs screaming, couldn't hold a wheel (this has NEVER happened to me before, I'd had some great workouts the previous week too, I was being dropped by girls I've always out rode). Onto the run I had lost significant amount time on the bike--I tried to put a solid effort coming out of T2--actually I had one of the fastest T2 splits--but the legs protested. I then decided to just finish off the race with a hot & hilly tempo run (so don't look at that run split!). I hadn't been feeling 100% the days leading up to the race, but nothing that I didn't think I could race through. In retrospect, I probably should have DNF'd the race but I hate doing that (unless a trip to the bathroom is required, ie Richards Bay). Now I am back in Victoria. Saw a Dr. here, she thinks I probably have a lingering virus; getting blood tests, could be my iron levels--I ate a giant steak tonight.

Keeping positive, getting rested and recovered for Hamburg. Fly to Europe July 1. Keeping it interesting!


Anonymous said...

hey Lisa,
Congrats!! Its josh, we swam Kronos a bit together. Anyways, beyond saying well done! I was also wondering if you are living in Netherlands now? A friend of mine is a national team pentathlete there, probably a shot in the dark - Kelvin Hilgheholt. I qualified for Beijing too!! So i'll hopefully see you there, and my parents and Joel will be there to cheer you on during your race as they are coming too.

Anonymous said...

Okay so you had not finished the race the way you wanted, but you DO have it in you, you've proven that in the past. You just need to re-group and re-focus, you are more than capable!! You have worked so hard and you deserve a spot in Beijing. We are all so very proud of your accomplishments!
We'll be cheering you on in Germany, go get 'em!!!

Anonymous said...

Lisa! What a race today! Congrats on the great finish.

Your big sister.

BreeWee said...

Lisa... I heard some GREAT news today... I see you didn't blog it yet...

ANYWAYS, congrats! I was screaming around my house as if it was me on my way... WOW!

Can I have an autograph??

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, I read in the Dutch paper this morning that you qualified for the Olympics. Good for you. Congratulations.
I hope you will win a medal.
Greetings from Albertine (Nicole's aunt)