Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tour de Europa Stop #3

Race # 3: Hamburg World Champs Series.  By far the most competitive race that I've been in this year.  The swim was interesting, got stuck in the battle, got covered in green (the algae was rampant in the 26 degree water!), came out farther back than I should (coach so not happy with this!).  Didn't panic, hammered on the bike , suffered real bad the first couple laps, we caught the leaders, I found my biking legs and moved my way to the front of the pack, so much nicer through the corners.  Good T2, came out in the front of the race again, hamstrings and back not happy with me, lost contact with the lead runners, felt better the back half of the run, finished off in 17th place, a solid day in a strong field.  Still a little frustrated since I know I can swim & run better than that!

Also check this out: I'm currently ranked #1 for the ITU World Champs Series Best Cyclist Ranking!!  There is some extra prize $ up for grabs at the end of the season if I stay in the top 3! 
Couple pics from Coach Bjoern who, with wife Stephanie were shouting at me the whole race:

Now back in the south of Holland.  Road all the way to Germany today (boarder is only 5km away).  Feeling pretty good today.  London on Thursday.  Race on Saturday.  Again check out: www.triathlon.org/tv for coverage.

Below: A modern windmill overshadowing a classic one on the right:
One last thing:  Check out my new website:  http://www.lisamensink.com/. I'll be posting my blogs from there from now on, so change your bookmarks!  I can't believe that domain name was free...what are the chances?

Til London.


Chewy said...

Good race in Hambrug Lisa! Good luck in London...

Anonymous said...

Good job in Hamburg...looking forward to your race in London. May even try to get up in time for the 4:00 a.m. start.
Good luck and awesome to see your name in that first place ranking for best cyclist, keep it up!!