Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Meet me at the grass track, high noon....

It’s been just over a week in Oz. The rain has taken a little break and the sun is shining, bringing with it the heat. The other day Coach Paul had a special track session planned between my morning bike with the group (always a good leg burner) and my late afternoon pool strength (pull) session. That left the only time to run around noon. Cruel you say? Yes, but not on Paul’s part; our ITU races are always set for the heat of the day, so these sessions are good for me to acclimatize to the heat & sun that will probably be out for race day! To make the run session extra fun (sense the sarcasm) the track here is grass… it was wet and muddy and slopes to one side. Ahhh fun!

Now training is in full swing and the first race of the season is approaching fast. Mooloolaba is March 28 & Sydney is April 11th. I will post more on those later. Just a short update for now.
Hope all is well at home!The guy above is our neighbour....it gives me the willies just looking at this picture...I have to sprint by him at night!

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Xavi Garcia said...

Becareful with your neighbour!!lol

Cheers from Hong Kong!

"XTB" Xavi.