Monday, February 1, 2010

Dreamin' 'bout Tuesday...

Sorry for the lack of posting....but in my defense, it's been a tough couple weeks in terms of training. I've barely had time for much in point: my clean laundry pile (pictured below)...normally I find folding laundry relaxing, but I hardly had the energy to do that lately! Heavy training load+a bout of insomnia=one mentally & physically tired girl.

Not to worry though, after toughing out a double swim + bike day on wednesday-during which I wanted to rest my head on my aerobars as we did intervals-I managed to finish the week off with a good swim on saturday and a much improved run on sunday. This was all followed by an hour of laundry folding and 10 hours of sleep last night (finally!), and I feel like a million bucks today! One more swim this afternoon today and then...wait for it...a FULL DAY OFF on tuesday...I've been dreaming about tuesday since last tuesday...I can't wait!!

Tonight the Red Devil arrives for her stay at Chateau R&L...more on that later!!

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