Saturday, October 10, 2009

20 Bucks & Water Logged

Ol' Man Winter made his first appearance post-summer here in Calgary. Every year it happens, a big temperature swing, snow blowing around, the North wind howling, yet no one is ever ready! I took Shaggy (he's crashing at our place while my parents reno theirs) to the dog park the other day. I thought I was dressed for the cold, I got out of the car and started walking with him, at first it was ok but once I crested the hill and the wind hit me, I just wanted to lie down and pass out! I found out once I got back and could feel my fingers again that it was -17 with the windchill! Now, I've said this before, but since I have been chasing summer for the past few years, I have become a 'winter wimp'!

I was then on the hunt for my winter gear. It happens every year, where the heck did I stash all that stuff??!! It was worse this year since I think that Richard put all my stuff away in the very last place I would look! I found my long underwear, my down parka and my winter boots (after 30min of searching) for Shaggy's next walk. Winter is not so bad if you dress for it! The best part about pulling out the new wardrobe is the pocket check! I usually find an assortment of chap sticks, miscellaneous receipts, and this year it was a 20 dollar bill! Nice!

I do love winter (if dressed for it!) but I still prefer this kind of weather:
The other night my Mom and I attended a Swimming Calgary fundraiser called Making Waves. It was a fun night with Olympic Gold Medallist (1992, 100m Backstroke, 53.98) Mark Tewksbury! This may date me a bit, but Mark and I actually swam on the same team (different groups) back in the early 90's. They even showed his gold medal swim--53.98 in a tiny Speedo--no illegal suits then!!

Here is Mark and I at the event. He has a new book out--The Great Traits of Champions--that we picked up and got him to sign...I don't think he remembered who I was though!
On the training front, I have an unofficial stress fracture (an early interpretation of my MRI). No running for 3 more weeks. That mean water running for 3 more weeks....In the meantime, I've jumped back in the water with the University of Calgary swim team. I'm last for pretty much everything except for the kick sets!! It's good though, makes me work hard in the pool! As for Clearwater, I have to have a chat with Coach, he's in Hawaii right now, to discuss the new game plan.
Time to go for a winter walk with the dog, then jump on my bike while watching the Hawaii Ironman on the computer!

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