Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fully & Completely

It's been awhile since my last update. I've been busy, tired, lazy,unmotivated...all the excuses. Actually, the jet-lag really kicked my butt this trip. Think the 2 week turn around to Australia really messed up me up!

Went to the Tragically Hip concert on Monday. We were 2nd row, so close we were part of the show! It was a great concert, I've seen them before but this was by far their best concert--Gord Downie (lead singer) sweats more than me during a high intensity indoor trainer ride! For those that don't know the band, they are a classic Canadian rock band. They are on tour right now, hitting the US in October/Novemeber and then heading to the Netherlands in November...Amsterdam, Utrecht, Groningen (where some of my family lives), and Eindhoven! The first 3 days of fall in Calgary have been 30, 33 and tomorrow is supposed to be 28 degrees Celsius(80-92F)!! Crazy! I'll take it--normally the daytime high right now is 15.

What a view! Check out the mountains on my ride today....beautiful blue skies! I rode straight into the mountains today--they were calling me from the house today!
Injury report: leg still aggravated. X-ray negative, so that is good. Might have an MRI next week.
That's all to report for now!

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