Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Quarantine and Frank has a new friend!

Back in Calgary. Still sick and still hacking, it sucks. It was all I could do not to cough when I went through customs so they didn't put me in quarantine for Swine flu &/or SARS! I think Richard was tempted to quarantine me himself when he picked me up and heard my cough! Now, I'm fighting the jet lag, but yesterday was surprisingly productive, here is a photo journal of my day:

Vitamin C loading:
Domestic Diva: I cleaned, I did the recycling, I did my taxes, I cooked a delicious Greek feast, and I even baked banana-chocolate chip muffins (low-fat, healthy version of course!) with ripe bananas....yummy!
Oh yeah, then I did load after load of laundry!
And to top off my day, my new Team Timex Trek Madone arrived! I put it together yesterday and then went to Speed Theory today and had Cam, mechanic extraordinaire, assist me with a free-hub change (Campy to Sram for my Power Tap wheel) and taping the bars. Now Frank the Ferrari, my time trial bike (formally known as Frank the Tank), has a new friend, Maddy, my road bike!! Super excited to get out there and race her!

Frank & Maddy getting acquainted and enjoying the sun. So much Oranje!

Hopefully next post, I'll be back to normal and back at 'er training hard!



Cathy Z said...

Hey Lisa
Happy to hear no quarantine time for you:) You will be healthy in no time with all that Vit-C. What was the Greek Feast? Pass me the muffin recipe when you get a few free minutes. They look yummy!!!!
They need to paint Frank "Ferrari Red" at least. Off to watch the owls...tonight might be the first fly-by. Exciting to watch. Recover fast and happy training.
Cathy & Chris

Anonymous said...

Maddy....i love it! I see the blue and green saddle is getting a new home!


Heather Gollnick said...

Hey There-Hope you start feeling better. I loved reading how positive you were after your last race--it helped me!!! I'd love the recipe-email it would you?
Get well soon