Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Riding that fine line...

So I was leaving the pool after a really great set of 100's on pace, feeling confident for my Korea swim, when I looked to the west. They have called for snow all week starting on wednesday night, I have been in denial--if I will it to be sunny and warm, it has to be! As I looked west, I realized the snow was probably going to come. I still had a brick workout to do, so I drove home, shovelled some food in, checked the weather networks hour-by-hour predictions...the rain/snow was not to hit until 2pm and it was supposed to get up to 7 degrees before then. Not exactly warm, but fine if you dress for it.

I headed out, determined to ride outside since I'd probably be inside tomorrow. At first it wasn't too bad, little chilly but if I planned my ride right, I'd have minimal wind exposure. Then the drizzle started and the wind persisted. I cut the 'warm up' short since I was freezing and went right into my intervals. I had to push hard to keep warm and during the second of my 3 intervals, the drizzle turned to sleet and then to ice pellets that stung my skin--I was tempted to ditch the bike and hitch-hike home! By the last interval it was a full blown squall blowing through--I was covered in snow once I got to my car! Still determined to finish the workout, I switched my shoes and went for my run, on frozen toes! I got the workout done, and hit all my HR zones, at first I thought I was being tough, by the end of the ride, slightly hypothermic, I decided I nearly crossed that line of being tough and being just plain crazy!!

Here is the temperature graph of Calgary over the last 24hours (click on it to see a larger view). Only in Calgary can you go from sunny and 21 degrees (the 1st arrow) to snowing and -1 (the 2nd arrow) in less than 20hours! This is from , a local Triathletes best friend, I check this site religiously before I head out!

So, it took a 30min steam shower to bring my toes back from the brink of frostbite!
Tough or just plain crazy? I'm going with tough this time, got the workout done. Log it! Who knows, a snow storm might blow through Korea on May 2nd...guess who will be ready for it?!

Here is a pick from a warmer day on the Calgary Ironman 70.3 course....ah, a sunny day with the mountains on the horizon!
Oh yeah, it's still snowing, looks like my 3 hour ride tomorrow will be in the basement with the fireplace on!!

Hope it's warm where ever you are!!



Lisa G said...

Sounds like a crazy workout! Only in Alberta!

Just read your last post on the Sun Run - WOW!! That is amazing! Congrats on the huge PB. If you have any tips for me on moving up from a former swimmer/current triathlete to an actual RUNNER, please let me know! I would love to hear them!

Magali said...

Gooooo Lisa!
You are on fire these days! At the Sun Run,you ran like crazy! Awesome time! You are ready for Korea! And the mind is there too. I'll be cheering for you!
Maui and Kona are paying off hey!

CathyZ said...

Hey Lisa- Sounds like you should have come back to San Diego to train in the 70-80 weather. Awesome 10K time!!! I think now you should be calling yourself a runner. Good Luck in Korea! You are going to run them down for sure. Hugs, Cathy