Monday, November 24, 2008

Winter Running 101:

Here is what I have learned over the last few weeks running in the cold:
  • Freezing rain+ a layer of snow+ the city crews "buffing" the pathways (they use this machine with a giant rotating brush to clear the snow) down to the icy level= one crazy icy 1:30 run!
  • The same rain/snow episode+neighbours who don't clear their sidewalks= Many 'near misses' during a tempo run.
  • -4 degree temperatures + strong wind= -13 'real-feel' temperatures on exposed skin.
  • Starting your run into the wind (on that day with the -13 windchill)= brain freeze and nearly turning back to the house to head to the gym...I pushed through it though and it made the section with the wind on my back quite pleasant.
  • Calgary Chinook+ a few back to back cold runs= +4 degrees and a really nice sunny run that I was actually over dressed for!!
Moral of the story=Winter running is always interesting, especially in Calgary!

Oh yeah...FYI: if you still have your Halloween decorations up on your lawn...your local neighbourhood runner does notice, and it is WAY past the day, so TAKE THEM DOWN!!


Kyle Marcotte said...

Lisa... I know this is rude but... Toughen up!

Kyle Marcotte said...
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