Sunday, November 2, 2008

Is it cold out here, or is it just me?!

After many hours researching on the web and finding verification on Web MD, I've diagnosed my problem...I have Australwimpitis! After skipping winter for two years in a row to train in Australia, I've become quite adverse to the cold! The worst part is that it really hasn't been cold yet!! The last couple days have been 16 degrees!! Today, 17! While most locals were cycling and running practically naked, I still had multiple layers on!!
Richard and I did get a rare November ride to Elbow Falls (that is in the mountains for those not from here!), it was amazing! Richard was wearing just his jersey and shorts, I had 3/4 length shorts, a short & long sleeve jersey and some arm warmers on for good measure--but the scenery was fantastic!

Well, I have to find more of my winter gear...winter is supposed to show up this week with snow in the forecast....I may re-think my decision to winter in Calgary!!

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BreeWee said...

Hope you don't freeze yourself to that bench you're sitting on!

Stay warm, break out the hot cocoa!